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Tips to optimize Facebook Business Pages to get high conversion rates

Nowadays technology has revolutionized the way to market or promote your business. A lot of marketers are taking the help of various social media platform to market their business or products. Facebook is the most preferred platform among all of them. They create a business page on Facebook and promote their business and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. Just create a business page on Facebook is not enough to get a high conversion rate, but regular optimization is needed to boost your business and attract your customers towards your page. In this post, we will discuss the tactics to increase conversion in your Facebook page. Let’s start.

Tips to optimize Facebook Business Pages to get high conversion rates

6 Effective Ways to Optimize Facebook Business Pages to Get High Conversion Rates

1. Target Your Potential Audience

Facebook marketing is not suitable for the hit and run technique. It is a good choice for the marketing strategy for serious brands or small businesses that are willing to utilize their social networks to put the audience first. First of all you need to make sure that you are properly studying your target audience to appeal to potential users who visit your social network. As per quite a few studies, Facebook is proven to be the most dominant platform in social media marketing.

2. Offer Exclusive Deals/Run Contest

In order to optimize your Facebook business page, you should offer deals/incentives to your potential audience. Verbiage like ``Follow us on Facebook to get our best deals’’ including a “Follow” button that can incentivize Page visitors and followers. You should make sure to mention “This deal is exclusive to our Facebook followers.”

You also can organize contests to your page followers. The users who join your contest will reach out to their family and friends and ask for their votes. Such contests are specifically helpful when trying to get fresh users on your Page.

3. Make Eye-catching Visuals

It only takes a few seconds for a user to select where to land on a web page. The proper use of eye-catching images increases the chances to grab the audience attention more. The first impression is informed by the designs so treat the visuals as you would a handshake.

You can use Gifs and Videos as well to opt for movement over static images to keep your audience interest.

There are some important elements when implementing this strategy. You should keep in mind that the quality of the images/videos is very effective. Low-resolution visuals can reflect a poor image of your brand to the users. Use a reliable image size guide to ensure your assets to meet the correct size specifications. So not overly use the text with images. Make things simple to get high conversion.

4. Regularly Conduct Page Audit

This practice is really crucial. Constantly look for different ways to improve on the outcomes that you are getting. It is likely to conduct a content audit. By doing this, you will understand their reviews and their needs from your Facebook page. Facebook often updated its guidelines and offered more opportunities for you. It may be that the restrictions on your page have been deducted, so make use of new releases. Regularly auditing your Facebook page will give you the assurance that your page is configured to use all of the features available to you.

5. Add a Direct call-to-action

We know that conversions are all about motivating actions so a strong call to action is also essential. Call to action buttons link to any destination on or off the Facebook page that aligns with a business’s motives. Strong Verbs such as start, discover, explore, find, etc. are excellent if your conversion aim is to have the audience to visit your business page or to learn about your company or products.

Or if your motive is to drive subscriptions or purchase then you can select a group of call to action buttons like Book Now, Contact Us, Use App, Play Game, Shop Now, Sign up, and Watch Video.

6. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to get high conversion rates. When you are running a Facebook business page it is important for you to know that you should often post enough to keep engaging your followers. In the old times, Facebook would show all of your posts to all of your followers. These days Facebook’s algorithm finalizes which posts will appear in each of your followers’ feeds. On average, as few as 2 percent of your followers will able to see the content you post. Moreover, to posting often and varying the types of content you post such as video, photos, stories, etc., there are other ways you can beat the Facebook algorithm. But remember there is a fine line between posting often enough and too often. Most Facebook experts say posting one or two times a day is enough to get optimize your Facebook page.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Take your Facebook business page to the next level by following the above-mentioned tips. For more information, you can contact the experts. Fluper is a Top Leading Mobile App Development Company since its inception. It provides the best services in digital marketing to drive your business to the top in the market.

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