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How to bolster Facebook marketing effort when you lack budget and time?

Facebook recently unveiled new tools to make it easier for users to access the data social network holds on them and to implement changes that are needed.

In the present era of technology, digital marketers have the ability to manage, improve and report on their own Facebook and Instagram advertising. Recently, Facebook has announced Facebook Ads Analytics that has makes it easier to tackle your social advertising.

Besides this, Facebook also introduced a tool called “Access your information” through which you can check the posts that you have deleted.

There are amazing benefits associated with new features such as unlock campaign opportunities, bolster performance and solve reporting pains.

There is no doubt in saying that Facebook’s native tools are overwhelming as well as difficult to decipher. Because of all such things, you can maximize your budgets in the present era of mobile app development.

Facebook ads analytics brings you the most important data that you need to refine your campaign, maximize your budget and thus save your time.  With this new feature, you are able to test as well as compare your ad campaign performance and thus perform better for your brand.

The new feature suite empowers you with -

Automated Alerts

When a campaign is experiencing unusual performance, these alerts will notify you via email. For each alert, you will be able to go straight into Rival IQ where you can adjust your campaign as needed.

Rival IQ checks your campaign throughout the day so it will send you alerts when there are significant outliers.

Scheduled reports

We rely on Rival IQ Scheduled reports and hence in this way we are extending that reporting to Facebook Ads Analytics. Users will be able to match such reports with internal reporting cadences and build reports on specific campaigns.

It does not matter what kinds of reporting needs you have, you will be able to set these up with ease.

Enhance Targeting

Breakdown and spot targeting opportunities are based on age, gender, ad placement, platform, and region. With Rival IQ visualizations, we can spot issues and successes in ad targeting.

Besides this, you can easily target those Android app development services that are increasing your cost per a click. To adjust your campaign, just checkout issues and directly jumps into the Facebook Ads Manager.

Advanced Reporting

The reporting needs shift based on internal audience and with Rival IQ; you will be able to create reports of what you need, whether it’s on the account level or ad set. Besides this, customized reporting enables you to create custom breakdown reports and campaign comparison etc.

Customized Metrics

For each breakdown, you can edit the metrics and thus makes it easier for you to focus on what mostly matters to you. In fact, you have to select where spark bar appears.

Besides this, you can easily change for each ad account, campaign or even ad set.

New Alert Customization

You need to ensure what emails you receive are the most important. In the past time, reporting on Facebook ads has never been easy.

Besides this, you have to notice data points that are hidden in Facebook and thus your campaigns will be easier to manage. Facebook Ads analytics feature comes with Accelerate package.

Tips to optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns

Build a sales funnel

The main difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads is the type of traffic they generate. Instead of running a Facebook campaign, it would be better to create the additional experience for your website visitors.

If you are launching a different campaign with different objectives then you can easily create your own Facebook ad funnel.

Monitor ad frequency to manage exposure

Ad frequency is denoted as the number of times a user sees your advertising campaign. Facebook audience is more likely to recall your ad if they see it more often.

If people see your ad too often then it will lead to increased costs and diminished effectiveness.

Scale your budget based on Ad Performance

When you start your campaign, you will be likely to test two to three ad sets with several ads within each ad set. For the winning ad, you have to increase the budget by 15% to 20%.

On the other hand, if you need an app to promote your business then it is always a good idea to contact app developers.

Narrow delivery to the right audience

If you are matching the right audience with the best ad then it definitely means success for your ad campaigns. On the other hand, if you are not sure how to define the audience for the brand new campaign then you have to start with Facebook Audience Insights.


Facebook keeps changing the algorithms for ads and introducing new features from time to time. One of the important things is that such things won’t work for all of your campaigns.

You need to keep experimenting with different approaches as well as tactics to find the ones that work for you.

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