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Poor visual communication affecting business morale and productivity

A global survey by software company TechSmith of 4,500 office workers across six countries – including Australia – has found that poor visual communications in the workplace is threatening productivity and engagement levels.

Many Australian businesses are failing with their communications to the largest generation in the workforce – millennials – and it’s affecting morale and productivity. New research by software company TechSmith, finds:

  • Millennials are twice as likely to want to use more visual communications methods at work compared to baby boomers
  • Businesses are falling short, with 44% of millennials believing their company's communications are outdated
  • New scientific research reveals poor visual communications threaten productivity and engagement levels — not just with millennials, but with workers of all ages.
  • One in two Australians say they would understand information more efficiently at work if their company increased visual communications

MillennialVisualPreferences[2].pngThe research, which surveyed 4,500 office workers across six countries, including 500 Australian office workers, reveals that younger workers prefer communications with more visual content — such as screenshots, screencasts, images, gifs, and short videos — when compared to other generations in the workforce.MillennialsUnderstanding-2-LOGO[4].png

Millennials are twice as likely as Baby Boomers to use images and video to communicate in their own time outside of work (58% vs. 28%). And they are twice as likely to want more visual communications at work (43% compared to 19%).