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Which content marketing challenges you have to face in 2014?

After Google updates, content has become more valuable than anything else. Its concept is not just limited to writing only. You need to give a different way to your content, if you want Google to rate your website.

Today, Content is your major source to get your ranking up on Google. But, only content can’t help you for the same, its concept is bigger than your expectations and you have to accept it if you want a place for your business on Google pages. Content had mended with marketing and named as content marketing. This is not a new concept, but it has lots of new things in the form of challenges for you. Let’s see which challenges are brought by 2014.

What Was Content Marketing in 2013?

2013 gave the highest importance to content marketing and social media marketing. SEO was still there, but Google put its main focus on these two strategies. In 2013, definition of content marketing was a creation of quality content and its promotion on various social media sites. This was not a biggest challenge for content experts as they can create content and easily share it on all their social media accounts.

What is Content Marketing in 2014?

See the broad concept of content marketing in above image. This includes challenges for content writers and internet marketers.

Concept of Content

Now, content is not only a part of writing, it is something more than that. It includes creation of graphics, videos, audio, presentations, infographics, images and much more. Content writers have to face the challenges to write content in all such mentioned formats.

Concept of Content Marketing

Content marketing demands for effective techniques to promote your content.

Content Creation

Content can be created in lots of styles and formats. One can decorate it like a web designer or one can give it a format that is well-liked by users. Keep in mind that your content must be user engaging and useful for users, otherwise no one will read it. Below are some types of content.

  • Writing
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • Voice
  • Guides
  • Ebooks
  • Reviews
  • Case studies, etc.

Role of Social Media

Social media promotion plays an important role in content marketing. It opens the way for users to reach you through your content. It must be done in a proper way like at right time, at right place and with right targeted audience. It is the way to create an engagement with your targeted users by providing them useful content. They will come to you and ask their queries if they find you as a problem solver for them.

Measurement & Analysis

Content marketing doesn’t end with creation and promotion. You need to sit for analysis and measurement on your content marketing activities. This will give you an ability to recognize your audience demands. You will become able to know what exactly you must publish and how you will get benefit of the same.

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