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Australian first social archiving service, Brolly, ensures social media posts can never really be deleted.

The context surrounding any piece of communication is essential to gain the full story. In most circumstances, we gain background through email threads and phone records, but up until now social media posts could simply be deleted with a click of a button, with only hearsay to go by. This becomes a real problem when the deleted message is from a government agency, a workplace or could have been the key piece of evidence in closing a court case.

Social media has become the norm for corporate and government conversations with the public, with 79% of people using social media in Australia and 2.8 Million of people using their social media accounts to express topical issues or participate in public conversations. Some accountability for corporates, government and citizens was due.

Brolly is Australia’s first complete, comprehensive social media archiving and engagement service that stores all records in Australia. It promotes transparency by ethically and securely capturing social media interactions between government and its citizens.

It empowers governments to confidently engage with citizens on social media in compliance with Local State and National Records Acts.

Politicians and government agencies regularly announce policies and engage the public on social media – think Donald Trump, Malcom Turnbull, Nick Xenophon, and former NSW Premier Mike Baird (who attracted controversy when he deleted his Twitter account after resigning from politics). In a world where public discourse increasingly occurs on social media, ethical social media archiving services like Brolly are a critical part of the landscape.

To date the challenge has been that content posted by individuals and organisations is not recorded and could disappear at any time. Brolly provides an automated service to ethically capture and protect meaningful public discourse. This means organisations can get on with the business of engaging citizens, in the knowledge that their record keeping is compliant with the law.

Director and Founder, Nathan Cram, developed the concept for Brolly after the Wye River bushfire in 2014, when he relied on public safety warnings provided by the CFA via Twitter. He says:

“Social media is now the fastest, easiest way to connect with the public. Once information is shared it has the potential to reach an enormous number of people. I started thinking, how are we capturing these public engagements? How are agencies managing this? I was concerned about the lack of local social media record management tools and saw the opportunity to create one.”

Government agencies are showing interest in the service that helps them comply with legislation and engage more efficiently with the public. Brolly is revolutionary in the way that it is a distributed data collector and all data is stored on Australian servers. Not in the US, not anywhere else. Only in Australia.

Brolly has created world-first technology that goes beyond just scraping data, providing instead an integrated service that brings data together from across platforms into one universal and meaningful feed. The clever and intuitive archiving tool makes all the connections real by taking real-time screenshots of websites linked to, then it saves and downloads any media that was connected. Even better, the Brolly screenshot service has been fully developed in-house.

Brolly captures a record’s full anatomy, including the post content; when it was posted, shared, edited or deleted; screenshots of links; rich media such as video or photos; added context such as workflow, approval and editing activities.

It safeguards privacy by only capturing two-way conversations between a government agency and citizen, along with any stand-alone posts recorded by the agency.

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