Can Computer Vision improve your Test Automation Process?

Computer vision is used in a variety of modern devices and security systems. However, its application in test automation isn't widespread. Most often verifications are limited to comparing two images or searching for a particular element in an overall picture.

Computer vision, fairly a new concept has now evolved to a large extent thanks to AI. This scientific discipline helps machines to ‘visually’ study and evaluate their surrounding environment in the form of images or videos.

The concept is being adopted in a range of modern-day devices as well as security systems. Though, in the field of automation testing, it hasn’t really grown as extensively.

Primarily, the verifications remain constricted to examining images or largely looking for a specific element in the whole picture. The question here arises that can computer vision does more for test automation? Is it possible to make automated tests find all objects on the screen of your mobile phone or other handheld devices including a tablet?

Let us explain to you how to streamline mobile test automation using computer vision and whether it is a solution to be adopted yet or not.

Generally, Appium is used for automating testing of iOS and Android mobile apps. It is a very reliable tool that in fact, every best automation testing company Make an Inquiry about this news utilizes during their mobile automation testing process.

However, the scope of its potentials can sometimes prove inadequate.

For example, Appium is unable to automatically search and identify certain elements in the same image. The is because it can’t pinpoint locations of different elements of an image on the screen if the developers haven’t previously added the corresponding distinctive addresses against each element.

This is where computer vision can come in handy!

Currently, the technology has enabled us to recognize people through facial recognition, assists auto-driven vehicles to easily discover and differentiate road signs and distinguish traffic rules inevitably. Also, it is beneficially used to process images accurately - another great example is of its success in healthcare and support manufacturing industry.

How Computer Vision Adds Value

This technology has helped greatly in:

Object identification

Computer vision helps in distinguishing whether the video under scrutiny contains a particular object, its location and effortlessly defines characters in the text.

Estimating speed of moving objects

Computer vision helps in processing a series of images to regulate the speed of each point of the image.

Image recovery

It helps in getting rid of fuzzy images of a moving object.

Scene restoration

Through computer vision, you can easily recreate a 3-D model of more than two scene models.

How Computer Vision Helps Automate Mobile Testing

This latest technology can easily automate your mobile software testing process. In the automation process, it is used exactly for examining individual elements in the image overall.

It is crucial to pre-cut these elements and store them. However, this process isn’t suitable for mobile testing automation on devices that come in different screen resolutions.

Computer vision helps to eliminate the need to manually cut elements out, which results in significantly optimizing the workflow.

When integrated with Appium, test automation engineers can easily locate the necessary elements within the whole image.

Can computer vision be considered a versatile solution?

In spite of its dynamic development in the IT industry, QA and development teams cannot implement or utilize this concept in every daily activity.

This is because it:

  • Depends on the image quality

Every so often the quality of an image isn’t as per requirement. In this case, computer vision cannot successfully yield an accurate result.

  • Cannot automate all test cases

Since it cannot easily recognize all animated elements (as mentioned above), it cannot be considered helpful in automating all test cases.

Although, Appium serves as a robust mobile test automation tool, however, test automation engineers cannot completely opt for computer vision for creating a sustainable solution. At least not until this limitation if fixed.

However, only the best automation testing company knows how to use these reliable tools alongside the latest technology trends for a more streamlined and flawless experience.

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