8 reasons why you need Testing Center of excellence

Emerging Trends in Software Testing & Quality Assurance(QA)

1. Attain a clear vision and direction

Best Practices:
Communicating a vision, direction, and roadmap for improving quality across your organization is critical to the success of a TCoE. The commitment to quality must be supported at all levels of the organization, and it has to be in actions, not just words.

If it is clear that a software release won’t be ready for production, our teams must have the courage to do what is right for the business and speak up. 

2. Simplify processes, tools, and methods

Best Practices:
There are clear financial and efficiency benefits to standardizing and simplifying testing processes, tools, and methods.

Standardizing allows leaders to manage by facts instead of emotions or opinions, enabling informed decision-making.

Having the facts available with a quality dashboard will assist line-of-business owners and executive management in decision-making and reinforce the value of the QA team to developers and the rest of the organization.


1. Creation of a ticket number based on whether it is a new project / Change Request / Production support

2. Once the ticket # is created, the ticket is assigned to Project Manager

3. After this, the ticket is assigned to BSA for gathering the requirement and creating / updating the SRS document based on the client requirements.

4. Once the SRS is created, a walkthrough meeting is held between the following participants:

a. BSA  b. Developer Lead c. SQA Lead d. Project Manager

Based on the walkthrough, the development and SQA leads provide their estimation for the ticket and then the ticket is assigned to developers

5. Once the development is completed, the ticket is then “Ready for Testing” (after the deployment to QA)

6. Testing is then usually assigned to Offshore (Pune) team by the respective leads and then the testing activities are carried on.

7. After the testing is completed, the ticket moves to “In Validation” where the respective leads review the testing documentation and provide their approval for Validation

8. After validation, the ticket moves to “Compliance Approval” after which the ticket moves for the deployment.

3. Shift left to focus on defect prevention and early detection

Best Practices:

Early involvement of QA in the software development life cycle is a proven way to consistently save our company money in the long run. Defects caught in the writing of user stories and acceptance tests can be hundreds of times less expensive then defects discovered in production.

In agile environments, QA and testing need to be part of the team every step of the way. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “You can fix it now on the drafting board with an eraser, or you can fix it later on the construction site with a sledgehammer.” Which do you think is more efficient?

4. Establish a strong community of practice and training

Best Practices:
Every company has its own unique culture, organization, and technology, and it is up to our organization and its advisors to develop a community of practice that is right to meet our needs. Many of the best processes and tool improvement ideas come from the QA team.

Training doesn’t have to be costly. Often “lunch-and-learn” sessions and team-led trainings deliver the best results.

5. Understand risk-reward 

Best Practices:
Empowered QA organizations should have a seat at the table during discussions regarding business and technical risk-reward trade-offs. Promising zero defects and quality without compromise is often unrealistic in fast-paced, competitive environments.

In this, following parameters are taken into consideration:

• Risk Assessment Levels

> Higho Medium


System Impact is included in each of the above levels

• Details of the ticket

>Ticket Name

>SRS document name

>DIA document name

>Application Developers involved

>SQA team members

• Functional Description

>Standard Config – Yes / No

>Code change required – Yes / No

>Impact analysis – AD / SQA

• Overall Risk level

6. Operationalize and automate repeatable tasks

It is important to operationalize and automate important, repeatable tasks to optimize your efforts. Automation is not just about regression testing and should be used for other tasks, such as test data creation, test lab management tasks, and reporting.

Some companies are focusing their center-of-excellence efforts on leveraging specialized automation and performance testing talent across business units to maximize reusability of automated test assets. 

7. Maintain an independent voice for quality

Best Practices:
QA leaders need to be an independent voice for quality within the larger IT organization and should be able to honestly deliver bad news without being handicapped by a conflict of interest, even when testers are integrated with agile teams.   

8. Focus on the customer experience

Best Practices:
Most teams do a good job of functional testing in specific areas, such as web or retail application testing. Customer-experience defects are often found where systems integrate.

Therefore, it is important to have testing efforts dedicated to validating end-to-end business processes.

Customer Experience:Clients can be categorized in the following groups which defines their pace of the ticket delivery based on it:
• Silver

• Gold

• Platinum

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