Press Release Software Testing

Why software testing is no more a formidable career choice?

With enterprises becoming more agile, there is a growing need for open source tools and algorithms to automate as well as create a touchless testing process for software. Therefore, it is believed software testing is one thing but AI and IoT take it to the next level. AI becoming the new normal in technology, many of business risks leading to operational efficiency has been eliminated.

In fact, Kishore Durg, Managing Director and global testing lead for Accenture says Software testing today still struggles with over-engineering efforts that can result in anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of wasted time and effort. However, a significant development in analytics, artificial intelligence, and data visualization has not only made possible to find areas of inefficiencies but also eliminate them to a great extent.

Besides, consumers are more digitally savvy than ever before. They – all of us, really – expect more from technology, requiring it to become more intuitive and deliver greater benefits.

For example, the rise of voice-based interfaces like Siri, Alexa, and Cortana. Similarly, test-led chatbots are now increasingly used to handle consumer-facing customer service inquiries and sales online.