MiniTool Solutions to Windows Installer service could not be accessed

When you are trying to install a new program on Windows 10, you may receive an error message Windows Installer service could not be accessed. But don’t worry. This post will show you different ways to solve Windows Installer not working Windows 10 issue.

Consolidating your API gateway and load balancer with NGINX

Now that software load balancers are the standard in modern, DevOps‑driven organizations, what new challenges have we created for ourselves? How can we deal with the complexities of “proxy‑sprawl”? Can we consolidate without compromising performance, stability, and functionality?

How reboot to restore technology stacks up against Windows steady state

The discontinuation of Windows SteadyState led to the search for numerous alternatives, of which Reboot to Restore technology is quite prominent. The ability to instantly restore system functionality in a manner that matches and exceeds the effects of employing Windows SteadyState, explains its overwhelming acceptance.

Implementing predictive maintenance to take an organization to a new level.

Predictive maintenance is not a new name for many of us and is been regularly implemented by product manufacturers as well as service providers. But with progression in technology, predictive maintenance got the capacity to create wonders and can result in important savings for manufacturers.

Top 5 tips on how to bounce back when you lose a big client?

Top 5 tips on how to bounce back when you lose a big client?

Being an entrepreneur is hard. It’s even harder when you lose a big client. As an entrepreneur or a business owner, it is always challenging to get a new business deal. However, losing an already established relationship with a big client can be detrimental to the best of us.

5 ways a LMS can help in making enterprises more learning oriented

Learning Management Systems enable businesses to automate as many daily tasks as possible. LMS involves features that can be used manually if and when needed. A good LMS system allows training managers to develop training plans and set the rules and parameters required by a business and the system takes care of the rest. This enables a much simpler learning experience for workforce under their training.

How to get best movie rental software to boost your business profitability?

Are you looking forward to accessing movie rental software anytime soon? If yes, then make sure that you are going through this post quite frankly because of the fact that we offer you substantial information about movie rental software. Do you know that you can actually go on to access movie rental software free? Yes, you can!

5 reasons why Java should be used more by small businesses

Java, at present, is being used extensively by small businesses around the world, as compared to several other frontline programming languages such as Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python, C#, and C. Recent stats released by TIOBE Programming Community Index reveal the phenomenal rise in the popularity of Java amongst both small businesses and large enterprises.

Why is Google art trending ?

Its been quite long now since the mobile apps have been part of our routine and will continue to be.

Need to know the top reasons why your business needs a virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a technology that works on head-mounted headsets to create an imaginary environment. This imaginary environment took the user or a person wearing a headset to the world where he saw the real images, real sound, and other sensations and makes him physically presented in such world. The word Virtual Reality itself is a combination of “Virtual” & “Reality.”

Artificial intelligence trends for 2018 & how entrepreneurs can leverage these trends

Technology has transformed the world with its wide applications and solutions. It has managed to address the problems faced by people. It has enabled the people to communicate, manage daily tasks as well as helped in automating production. It plays a crucial role in improving business processes and supporting human resources. This aspect makes technology an important aspect of running a successful business.