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Unwrapping Every Marketer’s Dream: User Flow

User Flow — the complete visualized actionable analytics in ShepHertz App42. There are no limitations as to what you can do with it to drive your business toward phenomenal growth.

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Since the time Aristotle popularized the word Analytics in 350 BC, its use has seen an exponential increase, and thus it has assumed different definitions with passing time. We may define analytics as a detailed examination, a computational inspection of statistics or the discovery and interpretation of patterns in data.

But something that remains constant across all its definitions is its diagnostic nature. An accurate analysis, helps you understand the relationship between the action and the reaction or may be the lack of it.

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But there is a limitation to traditional analytics. It may help you identify a pattern or a trend, but it can’t tell you how to make use of it. But the data revolution had widened the scope of analytics considerably. The new age analytics is more inquisitive, more intelligent. It’s the age of actionable analytics. Pioneering the data revolution, we launched App42 MA—our ever-powerful real-time actionable analytics tool that empowers you to acquire, engage, retain, and convert your customers across all channels.

What if I told you that you could visualize the entire flow of all your users—see which events they preferred right from the first event, login, to the last and that you see which events led the maximum drop off, which of them were highly preferred and how many of them reached to your desired event right from the start?

We pondered upon this question and noted down the things we would like to have in the actionable analytics. Key things that came out were:

Journey: The most intriguing part of any user flow analysis is to find out the most preferred path by the users. Preferred path generally refers to the path taken by the majority of users from the starting point, generally login, to reach conversion or any other desired event. More often than not, the actual preferred path is drastically different from what the companies perceive it to be. We wanted to have a way to check out all the variants of a journey with just a single click.

User Activity: According to a recent study, new users decide in the initial few minutes whether to keep or delete an app. So, it’s important to find out what most users do as soon as they install the app. Do they open it immediately or do they wait? Do they skip the sign up or do they register? Which is the section most users go to?

Drop offs: It’s easy to figure out the drop off events with funnel, but funnel is something you create by choosing events of your preference. One may miss out on other drop off events unintentionally. There should be a way to spot all events post which majority of users churn instead of hitting events using your logic and permutation/combination.

Flexibility: Different marketers perceive same data in different ways. A great actionable analytics tool should suggest countless possibilities of all the scenarios in your app, allowing you to carry out any scenario in your own way just the way you imagined it.

Battle-tested: You do know, by now, that you do want this as soon as possible. But is it ready to manage your thousands of events and millions of users? Is there a need to add events manually in it? This tool was envisaged and invented by the marketers for the marketers keeping all the possible use cases in mind . . . not only does this expand itself as you grow, but also enables you to manage and control all the complex scenarios with ease.

Unwrapping every marketer’s dream—User Flow—the complete visualized actionable analytics in App42 MA Make an Inquiry about this news. This is as good a tool as it can get and there are no limitations as to what you can do with it to drive your business toward phenomenal growth. User Flow can help you with:

  • Map the most successful journey of your users
  • Track all the drop off events and eventually reduce them
  • Examine all the paths chosen by the users to reach to a certain event—from most frequented to least bothered—to get a comprehensive analysis
  • Target them on multiple channels with a single click on any event to all the users associated with that event
  • Influence their journey and increase conversions…ight="1024" /> Make an Inquiry about this news

We know how difficult is to manage funnels because there can be so many! With User Flow we are changing the way marketers drive conversions in their apps—it’s time to do more things in less time in a better way. To explain it better—the entire section is divided into three parts.

  1. Starting Event: This is where you choose the event you want to check the flow of your users from. You could choose sign up, or you could choose app session start or you could simply choose any event for that matter.
  2. Visual Flow: Holy grail of all user journeys is what this is. Once you select the event of your choice, it will automatically show you what all the users of your app have decided to do after that event. Let’s say you want to check in a retail app what users are doing after opening the app, the visual flow will show a good part of them checked out large appliances, the other part decided to visit personal care while the majority of them went ahead to explore small appliances and the least of the lot chose to view books. The majority group is denoted by green, the least of the lot is denoted by red, the rest is shown in white and the selected event is denoted by blue.
  3. Sub-menu: This is the block that gives you a summary of your top metrics such as unique and churned users on that selected event. Now the second half is what empowers you to target your users across multiple channels. Let’s say you want to target all the users who viewed mobile phones in small appliances, you could do so through push notifications, or email or SMS or even Facebook wall post. Yes, it is that easy and painless to target any group of users choosing any event!

Let’s talk about how you can surprise your users who added a third-party payee in a banking app. The image shows there are so many possibilities post that event—some of them did add a payee, while the others didn’t. Out of those who didn’t, few dropped off upon clicking on the payee, while the others went ahead to fill up the entire form but didn’t enter OTP received. Now there are four ways to target these at each selected event. One of them, of course, is push notifications. You could target those who didn’t add a payee with a message like, “Hey Mike, had trouble adding a third-party payee? Why don’t you try it now?” You could also target those who did not enter OTP received through an SMS with a message like, “We are hoping to help you with the OTP again to complete your third-party payee addition, try it now.”


Do you see that how easy it is to track your user flow and target any group of people doing any specific activity? Each industry can use User Flow per its needs and requirements—it could be to influence users to drive conversions, or reduce drop offs, or to send contextually personalized messages at the right time at the right channel or just maximize revenue. It’s up to you how you use it to your advantage.

We are soon rolling out to all the users, schedule a demo today to get a sneak peek Make an Inquiry about this news and enroll for notification as soon as it releases.  We have built something amazing, try it today!

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