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Why is Google art trending ?

Its been quite long now since the mobile apps have been part of our routine and will continue to be.

All the sectors have been touched by the digital bits but the Art is something a human creates from within and depicts in the colors. Some people would argue that its 2018 people are more into graphics and designs that software lets you customize but does it let you see the vision of the creator or a pattern of colors and lines with multiple permutations and combination of different components of painting.

Lets clear your doubts about the new application called Google Arts.

What is the app all about?
This mobile app development Make an Inquiry about this news by google has nothing to do with the painting practice that you can do on your SmartPhone instead it lets you browse your doppelganger across the globe that are in paintings at the museum.

The application runs a program through which the selfie taken by you is matched by every picture in the database to see the closest features matching.

Reasons Why your Social media feed is full of Google Art Results?

New Concept:
If you hear about the application for the first time you will think of an application where you can explore your painting skills without making a fool of yourself because if its horrible you can just trash it and if its good you will go ahead and share it. So, what do you do with it well, you can explore yourself more by knowing about the person you matches your face.

This android app development Make an Inquiry about this news can be totally hilarious because it lets you share your results on social media and let your friends comment and like. The results can be weird too which will let you have a good laugh at work as well as home.


We want to be a part of everything that's trending through the uploads or sharing of photos and videos. Every new application has to be logged in because let us are honest we love to socialize and even if we don't we might explore and hide it in a folder named private.

Celebrities Love it too We do intimate our favorite celebs even if we admit it or not because they explore more than us and it feels a little famous to be using the same products or services they take.

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To wrap up:

You would make the headlines if you have a 100% match found through it an application which we have failed to see so far. What we can draw from this is that the search algorithm for matching the facial prints isn't that accurate to give a perfect match and that doesn't even exist as well because biology says every individual human being on this planet is unique physically as well as mentally.

The mobile application developers Make an Inquiry about this news need to dig something out of the space to figure out the mystery called humans and we might be on the way to solve it through our distinct next generation Artificial Intelligent Robots.

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