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FlipHTML5 flipbook creator is the ultimate solution to turn PDFs into flipbooks

Based on user interface, features and complexity, FlipHTML5 is recognized as the ultimate solution to turn PDFs into flipbooks.

FlipHTML5 has a free software solution to all kind of publishers’ advertising materials which can convert a PDF file into a flipbook with just a few clicks. Sounds good? Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, confirms users can connect directly with their audience via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

Something more – FlipHTML5 flipbook creator can improve publishers’ content using SEO which will drive quality traffic to their website.

The company offers super user-friendly interface which can help advertisers and marketers to produce the most impressive online flipbooks.FlipHTML5 flipbook creator’s goal is to facilitate the process and to provide publishers an opportunity to make attractive materials on their own.Thanks to the software, PDFs can move, sing, and flip – it’s up to the final purpose of the material.

According to FlipHTML5, coding it’s not a problem anymore. Flipbook creator makes everything on publishers’ behalf – from customizing PDFs background and adding video, audio and photos to turning it into the perfect HTML version or ZIP version.

Once it’s ready, the company guarantees that the book will be read online by any device (smart phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)

Last but not the least, FlipHTML5 provides the freedom to choose between using free online hosting service and using an existing server for publishing a book. The company allows publishers to access their statistics data and learn more about their materials.

Who is visiting the homepage? Who is reading the Monday publication about that great Japanese author? Who is checking bookcase views and shares? The answer to all this questions is FlipHTML5 flipbook creator.

Learn how to make flipbook over here

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