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PubHTML5, the first platform to create and publish flipping books

PubHTML5 is the first platform where one can create and publish flipping books through an easy-to-use interface and simple features.

In modern world digital publications are playing a crucial role in the advancement of science and technology. However, there are numerous advantages of this; people can make their projects and presentations with a single click rather than working on it for longer durations.

PubHTML5 has changed the complete game in digital publishing by twisting them into attractive mass media events. It can be operated on various mobile platforms, iOS, Win8, Android, and PC.While developing a brand promoting campaign, a digital brochure is highly efficient and effective than a company brochure as it can be easily accessed online without any hassle.

PubHTML5 has exciting features which are very easy to make a flipping book( People can upload their PDF files to PubHTML5 and in a couple of minutes digital magazine is ready.

Admin & management tool allows editing and uploading new books in no time. It efficiently transforms the social networking sites to distribute and share information.

It also enables to customize the keywords, descriptions and book titles. By using the online magazine software and SEO feature, the user can make their magazines highly searchable.

One can optimize content and budget in PubHTML5 and deliver to audience according to their preferences. Managing from a single interface is easy. 

Users can upload and import PDF files in a fraction of a second. Users can enhance their flipping book with interactive features, animation, and multimedia.

It is effortless to publish the data in PubHTML5 or output locally on PC and keep them in the personal server for a lifetime. Consumers can also share the digital flipbook on PC, Mobile, Tablet and the enclosed publication to a website with friends. 

It allows building the flipping book in cloud-based digital distribution platform. It is very crucial to reach an audience on different platforms like IE, Chrome, Firefox, iPad, Android, Mac, PC, iPhone and many more.

PubHTML5 allows its consumers to build extraordinary digital brochures which can quickly reach the worldwide readers.   

PubHTML5 is an all in one digital publishing solution for all people, business, and individuals. It provides all the facilities and features to make work easy.

The company has a well-designed website which makes shopping easy; customers can visit the site and browse their different plans. It has five plans one for trial; second is Pro, third is Gold, Fourth is Platinum, Fifth is Enterprise.

Each plan differs from each other. Users can buy any plan according to their requirement.       

To know more, please visit their official website:

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