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Visual Expert 2019 improvises Code Parsing by Generating Diagrams from Code


Review and analyze code references and performance for Oracle, SQL Server & PowerBuilder code along with automatic documentation generation.

Visual Expert , a static code analysis tool by Novalys, is a must-have solution for PL/SQL, T-SQL and PowerBuilder developers. Users can clean up their code, streamline maintenance efforts and avoid unexpected behavior through the code analysis provided by Visual Expert. It even automates documentation generation for Oracle, SQL Server & PowerBuilder code in HTML format. 

In addition to the above features, the 2019 version of Visual Expert assists software developers in visualizing the objects and dependencies graphically.

The developers can now select objects and generate diagrams synchronized with the source code view to analyze the dependencies. Further, they can adjust objects position with an editor if needed, save, export and share the diagrams with their teams to make informed decisions to enhance the code quality. 

Emphasizing on the importance of code quality, Christophe Dufourmantelle - CEO of Novalys said, “Clean and productive coding will always be a priority need for businesses. Profiling may be sufficient for small projects, but larger projects - containing thousands of tables and procedures or more - require powerful code analysis features. And Visual Expert sets the best impact analysis example in the current coding scenario!”  

Visual Expert provides businesses a full-fledged opportunity to use the features on a free-trial basis for a month. Developers can experiment with the toolbox to their minds’ content and be sure of how they will be able to improve their code productivity. The users can also refer to Visual Expert blog posts for quick reads on how to make maximum use of the tool. 

About Visual Expert (VE)

Visual Expert is a must-have toolbox for the maintenance of Oracle, SQL Server, and PowerBuilder code. Using VE, the developers can understand complex code by generating diagrams. They can also identify the consequences of a code change; review, analyze and improve code performances, explore complex chains of calls, compare two or more versions of code, review CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations and generate automatic documentation for database and/or PowerBuilder code. 


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