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User Access Control and Permission Management for Business Applications with Visual Guard


Manage user permissions, protect access to sensitive features and personal data inside applications, monitor & track user operations, detect data breaches, send alert notifications, and make your business app compliant with regulations.

Every business application needs protection against the evolving attacks that get stronger with strategies like:  

- Target users' workstations. 

- Lead an individual to circumvent, consciously or not; the barriers.  

- Penetrate peripheral protections and take control of the application.  

Visual Guard (VG) by Novalys is a comprehensive security solution for business applications.

It is an Identity and Access Management tool (IAM), that operates from inside the application, while the traditional IAM solutions protect the outside perimeter of the applications.   

Visual Guard centralizes the security of business applications. It allows you to manage access to sensitive features and data based on the role of users. The Visual Guard monitoring and tracking mechanisms make it possible to audit the security, but also to quickly detect abnormal behaviors that could reveal an attack. Visual Guard then allows you to adjust the level of security by instantly restricting or blocking certain features.

Explaining the efficiency of Visual Guard’s security, Novalys CEO - Christophe Dufourmantelle said, “A ‘Security by design’ strategy is the only viable option to counter these new attacks: by integrating security from the application's foundations, developers reduce the attack surface, eliminate vulnerabilities and block malicious accesses. Visual Guard provides tools and best practices to guide them in that direction.” 


Developers can also add advanced security features to their applications, including user access management, roles & permissions management, segregation of duties among users, logging, monitoring and audit of user activities. They can leverage the extensive list of  APIs and use ready-to-use access control features.  

Businesses can explore the complete set of features that Visual Guard has to offer with its free trial for a month. This would help them understand how they can enhance their application security, complying with corporate standards and regulations without disrupting the code; confidently with Visual Guard.

About Visual Guard (VG)

Visual Guard is an application security framework, exposing an extended API and providing ready-to-use security management tools, to help businesses implement access management security features to their applications. 

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