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Understand how to merge Outlook PST files easily in latest Outlook 2019

PST which is Personal Storage Table is basically used by Microsoft Outlook to store a lot of information like emails, contacts, notes, tasks, calendars, and many more. When a user moves from the previous Outlook version into the latest Outlook 2019, it becomes difficult for users to manage multiple PST files. At that time, there is a need to merge PST files. The blog is here based on how to merge Outlook PST files easily in Outlook 2019, and other versions.

How to merge Outlook PST files in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, etc.?

Before we jump to the solution, let us know why need to merge PST files. Earlier versions of MS Outlook have the biggest shortcomings to store the database as they offer storage up to 2 GB. Once the limit exceeds, there would be issues which users can face like corruption, slowing down Outlook performance, etc. 

But when Outlook introduced the newer versions, the issues have been resolved. 

Users who have old PST files with them need a way to import the data into single PST files so that users can use the file in the newer editions. For this, they need to merge multiple PST files, which we are discussing in this blog. 

How to merge multiple PST files into a single PST file?

There are several solutions that are available to merge PST data files but users should aware of the reliable solutions to perform the task. 

Let us discuss both the solutions one by one. 

Manually merge multiple Outlook data files

Step 1. Create a new PST file

First, users need to open MS Outlook and create a new PST file in it. For this –

  • Open Outlook
  • Go to Home tab – New items – More items – Outlook data file
  • Name the file and click Ok

Step 2. Import Outlook data to new PST

Now, transfer data of existing PST file to newly created PST file using the discussed steps –

  • Open MS Outlook
  • Click on Open & Export – Import/Export
  • Select Import from another program or file. Click Next
  • Select Outlook Data file. Click Next
  • Browse the PST file to import and click Next
  • Select the folders you wish to import to the new PST
  • Click Finish and wait for the process to complete click 

By this, users can import multiple PST data files one by one. 

Shortcomings of the manual solution

  • It takes more time to move multiple PST files one by one. 
  • No surety of data safety.
  • Not suitable for those users who are not technically-minded.

Alternate solution – ToolsGround Merge Outlook PST Software

If you find the manual solution not suitable for you, then go for the software solution which is an outstanding method to merge multiple PST files into single PST and helps in file management. The ToolsGround Merge Outlook PST software is easy to use and takes a few minutes to complete the merging task. By this, users can immediately combine required items of Outlook PST file.

  • Install and run the software
  • Add PST files to combine
  • Select merge options
  • Choose an output location

Final Words

To merge PST data files in an effective manner, we suggest you go for the software solution which offers 100% safe results without any losses. Users can try the free version first and then go for the paid edition. The tool applies on all Outlook versions to merge PST files.

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