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How to move EML File to MBOX on Mac with effortlessly?

Through this blog, we will discuss the conversion of EML database to MBOX for Mac OS directly without any interruption. Also providing an effective solution for the conversion of EML files to MBOX on Mac OS with ease. So, keep reading this blog to find a quick solution to export EML data to MBOX.

As we know, both EML and MBOX files are supported by numerous email clients.  There are several reasons for the users to switch the EML database to MBOX directly. The EML File is supported by the Windows Live Mail. The MBOX file is used to store email messages and it is supported by Apple Mail, Mac Mail,. Both of these formats are different from each other.

But still, some users face many difficulties to maintain EML File. For several reasons, the user needs to switch the EML Data to MBOX for Mac OS. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Switching Mac OS due to Windows OS crash
  • Changing in the job
  • EML Files is not supported by Mac OS

What are the effective ways to export EML Data to MBOX on Mac?

Basically, there are 2 ways for the conversion of EML files to MBOX. It’s described below:

  • Manual way
  • The alternative way by using a professional tool

With, The Manual method, the users face several issues. They didn’t get satisfying results by using this method. These issues are listed below:

  • Time-consuming and Complicated process
  • Data easily get corrupt and lost while using drag and drop method
  • Required extra efforts and deep knowledge of computer
  • Not supports the batch conversion
  • Not providing accurate results

These are the few reasons, which the user faces when he uses it for conversion. So, to avoid all such types of restriction, we recommend switching another way for conversion, i.e. alternative method by using a professional tool. We are providing a complete solution to get rid of it through our EML to MBOX Converter for Mac. This software is designed to export EML data to MBOX directly on MAC OS without any interruption.

EML to MBOX Exporter for Mac

This software is highly tested by the IT professionals and they highly recommend it for the quick and safe conversion of data. Also, it is the smart way by which the user can easily and simply move the entire EML data to MBOX without losing any data behind it. This software comes in 2versions as is described below:

Free Demo Version:  This version is designed to check the capabilities and functions of the software. It’s only for the trial version. Through this version, the user can easily evaluate the functions and features by himself. But with this, the user only converts the limited data.

Paid Version:  Through this version, the user is completely free to move unlimited data without any restriction.

About EML to MBOX Converter for Mac

This software allows the user to export single as well as multiple EML Files to MBOX without disturbing the process. Through this software, it gives the facility to the user that he is free to convert only a specified EML file to MBOX directly. Through this software, it allows transferring the EML emails in batch mode. This software also supports various email clients such as Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and Entourage. Using this software, the user can easily export any size EML file to MBOX without any restriction of the size limit. It preserves the data originality as well as its structure. With a simplified and guiding interface that makes the software user- friendly. It’s easily operated by any user with basic computer skills. Also, it maintains the data originality as well as folder hierarchy. This software is designed to work on each and every version of Mac OS. It’s completely Mac-based software.

Prominent features of the Windows Live Mail to MBOX Converter for Mac


  • The easy and quick conversion process
  • Providing accurate results
  • Export any size EML File
  • Supports the bulk conversion of EML files
  • Supports multiple email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage,.
  • Save converted data at the user’s desired location
  • Mac-based software supports every version of Mac OS
  • User-friendly software, easy to use by any naïve with basic IT skills
  • Preserves data originality
  • Offers free demo version for testing its features and functions
  • 24*7 technical support team is available for user assistance


This software is completely reliable tool to convert the EML Database to MBOX directly. We assure the user of the data safety.

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