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Artificial intelligence trends for 2018 & how entrepreneurs can leverage these trends

Technology has transformed the world with its wide applications and solutions. It has managed to address the problems faced by people. It has enabled the people to communicate, manage daily tasks as well as helped in automating production. It plays a crucial role in improving business processes and supporting human resources. This aspect makes technology an important aspect of running a successful business.

One of such innovative technology is Artificial Intelligence. It took the world by storm and disrupted the entire business spectrum.

But what is this revolutionary technology that everyone is talking about? Why is every company trying to leverage its potential? Well, let’s find out in this article.


Artificial Intelligence or AI is the intelligence which is displayed by the machines where they perceive the environment.

They take various data into account and perform actions. It is to maximize the chance of success to achieve the same goal with better efficiency.

The goal is to offer better performance than humans which is based on their natural intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence mimics the human brain’s cognitive functions. It includes like learning, deductive reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

They are required to achieve the desired goal without any input from humans.

The extent of application of Artificial Intelligence can be gauged by recent development. It includes virtual politician called SAM and Sophia, a humanoid robot.

SAM is world’s first AI politician. It provides an answer to any query of a person ranging from climate change, education and immigration.

Sophia is a social robot which utilizes AI to observe people. It understands them and deduct from their conversations and form a relationship with them.

The most astonishing fact of this robot is that it even earned Saudi Arabian citizenship. This makes it the first robot to become a citizen of any country.

The tech giants, as well as startups, are accepting AI in their business operations. They use this technology to offer innovative solutions to their customers.

It creates great options for entrepreneurs to reach out to large potential market. Now, they can leverage the capabilities of AI to the fullest.

Let’s discuss the upcoming trends in Artificial Intelligence. It will guide the tech industry and entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2018.

  1. Integration of AI in Mobile and Web Applications

AI has made its mark in web as well as mobile applications. It is a disruptive technology which utilizes machine learning and computer vision, to name a few.

It enables developers to develop both intelligent as well as intuitive apps.

Abstraction big data, smart search, etc. are its key applications. In future, we will see more intelligent apps based on AI.

They will cater to the requirement of entrepreneurs to offer better services to their customers.

  1. Emergence of Chatbots

Chatbots have gained popularity in recent years. It allows the startups to offer round the clock support to their customers.

It also reduces the workload on customer support team. It is quite beneficial as startups have limited human resources.

Chatbots helps entrepreneurs in augmenting customer support of their startups. This enables them to focus on other business processes.

  1. Augmenting Internet of Things (IoT)

In 2018, we will certainly find growing intermingling of AI with the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart devices or intelligent things can perform more tasks with increased efficiency.

It will achieve this by using AI and Machine Learning.

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  1. Increased Application in Healthcare Sector

One of the key application of Artificial Intelligence is in Healthcare sector. There is increased usage of AI-based applications in this sector.

It will help in patient management and hospital operations. It will assist in treatment and diagnosis with intelligent solutions.

This will transform healthcare sector. The prospects are endless with the varied applications of AI.

It disrupted the entire health care sector.

This opens exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs working in this sector. They can offer more customized and personalized solution to the patients.

  1. Impact on Human Workforce

AI will certainly impact human jobs as per many experts. The reality is different than anticipated one.

AI will go on to augment human jobs rather than replacing it. Its impact will be dependent on job type of the human work force.

For instance, intelligent chatbots will provide assistance to customer support. AI will also assist data scientists in getting insights from big data.

It will enable remote monitoring as well as automation monitoring. It will complement the humans to do their tasks more effectively.

  1. AI-powered Hardware

AI will make things easier in the hardware industry. We will see complex decisions made faster.

It will also enable automation in the industry. The implications of AI in this industry is far more than software industry.

Hardware industry will pay special focus on AI and its applications.

Startups can target this sector by providing innovative and intelligent solutions. These solutions will assist and improve day-to-day operations.

This makes it a lucrative potential market for them. Various big businesses want to automate their processes.

AI will provide the necessary solution to them.

Entrepreneurs can develop AI-based applications Make an Inquiry about this news to cater this demand. They can offer better solutions to this industry.

Inculcating AI will help in boosting their efficiency. It will improve their daily operations.

Startups can develop different solutions to cater requirements of this sector.


AI has wide applications in a variety of sectors. It includes service sector, healthcare, e-commerce, etc.

The emergence of chatbots enables better customer support. AI will allow startups to create better solutions for business.

These solutions will provide an immersive experience to customers. Coupling of AI and IoT will open up new avenues.

It will lead to increased usage of smart devices. It will also provide the better user experience.

Startups will create more intuitive and automated systems. Hardware industry will adopt this technology as much as it can.

This will facilitate the in improving its operations. The business will use AI to improve their operations.

It will also improve the quality of the life of people. Startups can certainly earn huge profits by leveraging Artificial Intelligence.

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He has worked as Digital Volunteer during various National Disasters. He is a management consultant, avid reader,blogger and tech enthusiast.

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