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2017 FlipHTML5 summer deal - get 20% off coupon code right now

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2017 FlipHTML5 summer deal is coming now, everyone can purchase the FlipHTML5’s Pro, Gold or Platinum packages with 20% discount.

FlipHTML5, a leading flipbook related software developing company, offers 20% off coupon code (3AL-BF8) for Pro, Gold and Platinum packages until July 30th, 2017. Everyone can enjoy the discount here:

The Listing Price VS Discount Price

The listing prices of FlipHTML5’s Pro, Gold and Platinum packages are respectively $15/Month, $29/Month and $25/Month. In this summer deal, FlipHTML5 only charges $12/Month, $23.2/Month and $19.93/Month on its Pro, Gold and Platinum packages.

It’s a limited time discount offer, please seize the opportunity!

How to Use FlipHTML5 Coupon Code When Purchasing Software?

Step 1: Please visit

Step 2: Choose one subscription to purchase (Pro, Gold or Platinum package), and click the “Buy Now” button to check out.

FlipHTML5, a technology company headquartered in Hong Kong, is the world leading producer of online flip books. This technology has been developed to streamline publishers’ roles and enable them to share their story on a variety of different platforms.

This flip book maker enables their users to convert MS Office documents, PDFs or images into a flip book. These flip books can be viewed on any device such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.

Not only does this platform save time and money for printing costs, but also it helps to reduce a company or individuals carbon footprint.

Publishers can easily embed an online bookcase into their website which will allow their audience to see the variety of different flip books they have available, and create easy access to each flip book. Flip book maker can also help to improve a website’s SEO.

Publishers can do this by using their key words on their flip books, which can easily be indexed by search engines.

“The flip book maker will revolutionize the way publishers publish everything from text books, magazines, biographies, fiction and non-fiction, etc. This technology will be of great use in all settings.

Many companies such as Starbucks, H & M, and Hard Graft are already using our services to better serve the needs of their customers.” Winton Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, said. “To thank the support of our customers, we offer up to 20% discount on Pro, Gold and Platinum packages, which means that everyone can grab the opportunity to choose one or more subscriptions to purchase until July 30th, 2017.” he added.

Flip books are an innovative technology and will change the way publishers can run their businesses. With this platform, publishers can protect their flip book from unauthorized access by setting up a password for all pages, a specific page or a specific range depending on their exact needs.

Flip books can be sold online, which allows publishers to create greater profit margins as compared to traditional publishing. FlipHTML5 does not charge any fees and all money collected from flip books are easily transferred to a customer’s PayPal account.

Customers can further generate revenue by inserting Google’s AdSense ID into the flip book. 

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Category: Business SoftwareCompany profile: FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, headquartered In Hong Kong, is a world leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, we have focused on the research and development of our outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, we offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries. Such as Game, Firm, Fashion, Finance and so on. We have built a firm and cooperative relationship with many digital publishers from various industries sectors ...