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Convert PDF to flipbook will be easier, faster and safer with FlipHTML5

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FlipHTML5 is a simple but powerful software that makes it possible to convert PDFs into flipbooks in a matter of minutes.

Information publishing has gone digital as there is a world leading FlipHTML5 digital publishing platform for users around the world. It comes with easier accessibility, interactiveness and has different wonderful features to make it an experience for the readers.

Online publishers now have the opportunity to convert PDF to flipbook(, making their content available to a bigger audience.

The publishing page can be customized to portray the brand and it is very crucial that the right set of features is put together for the best overall display that would make a successful publishing.

Publishing can now be spiced up with effects, animations so the readers can not only see but also feel the message.

This is the extra edge in cutting digital technology that FlipHTML5 is here to offer as a publishing software.

FlipHTML5 is an amazing digital publishing solution in comparison with other competitors flooding the market as it comes with a lot of features to improve productivity and efficiency. FlipHTML5 comes with an intuitive user interface that enables users to convert PDFs into flipbooks easier and faster.

Also, the flipbooks can be password protected easily, which keeps the flipbooks safe even if they fall into the wrong hands.

It allows the user to automatically create a customized personal home page that allows people to know more about the publisher and the brand, and also search for digital publications. It gives publishers the rare opportunity of engaging everyone with their flipbooks and makes the content accessible to readers in a 3D page flipping format through their mobile devices.

These newly improved publishing flipbooks can push traffic to the website and increase client base. It automatically collects all digital publications in a nice bookcase to be easily embedded in publisher’s website and also allows multiple bookcases.

To track the popularity or viewers, publishers can have the readers subscribe to publications and automatically get new updates. FlipHTML5 makes available online statistics acquired from publication views, homepage visits and so on.

It’s SEO friendly so contents or publications can be indexed easily by search engines.

This software can integrate fully with other social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google plus for publishers to share their digital flipbook or content to readers on social media networks. FlipHTML5 is user-friendly and can be used conveniently to manage online marketing without any coding or programming, it is also compatible with Windows and Mac.

For more information, please visit FlipHTML5 site(

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