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FlipHTML5 free magazine maker makes a change in communication industry

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FlipHTML5 is a free magazine maker that empowers users to convey their message via magazines.

FlipHTML5 offers users the ability to create a free magazine using their software. Users who have a story they want to share, or knowledge they want to teach can use this free magazine maker( as a platform to host their message.

FlipHTML5, a technology company located in Hong Kong, is the creator who came up with the idea for this new and innovative software.

FlipHTML5 wanted to make a change in the communication industry and allow for more people to be able to create content.

Users can get the free version or they can upgrade to another package such as Pro, Gold, Platinum or Enterprise.

With this free version, many people who may have not had the chance to tell their story will have the opportunity to do just that. The free magazine maker enables users to convert MS Office documents, PDFs or images into a magazine.

These magazines are designed by FlipHTML5 to be viewable on different devices and platforms such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5 said, “FlipHTML5 was designed with the purpose to change the game. We want anyone – whether it be a publisher, student, journalist, whoever to be able to build and design their own magazine.

We have created many custom templates, designs and themes in order to enable our users to have a wide selection of design choices. We want to create designs that will accompany each and every user’s own goal for their particular magazine.”

FlipHTML5 is an industry leader and has created a simple way for many people, companies and organizations to easily get their message to their target audience. With the emergence of the digital age – many companies are creating online software to enable users to serve their brand online.

However, FlipHTML5 has done a remarkable job at creating a software that is easy, time-efficient, and low cost. For more information, go to

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Category: Business SoftwareCompany about: FlipHTML5 Software Co. Ltd, headquartered In Hong Kong, is a world leading provider of digital publishing software. For many years, we have focused on the research and development of our outstanding range of e-publishing software for users around the world. Furthermore, we offer customized solutions for publishers in different industries. Such as Game, Firm, Fashion, Finance and so on. We have built a firm and cooperative relationship with many digital publishers from various industries sectors ...