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How do businesses enhance web presence and experience on mobile platforms?

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Our smartphones can do almost everything that our PCs do. Although PCs provide richer user experience as they have larger screen real-estate but the similar user can be enabled in or optimized / customized for smartphones, too.

Also, smartphones are nowadays generating more traffic to the web in comparison of PCs. According to the data release by StatCounter in November last year, mobile internet usage surpassed de…t time in history Make an Inquiry about this news.  


Smartphones have made accessing the internet easier than ever before. People can easily browse anytime they want; whether they are traveling in the subway or sitting comfortably at their home.

Smartphones  have made reaching the web on-the-go a possible thing! 

Meanwhile, desktop platforms will never go out of fashion for a number of works that require productivity and speed. And there is no deny that mobility is designed and developed on the PCs themselves.

Let’s come back to smartphones. Businesses world can really take advantages of smart mobility by creating the best mobile platforms and experiences for their audience.

Here is how they will do that. 

Mobile-Friendly Websites

As the very first step, a company looking to present itself through mobility needs to create a smooth and easy to navigate, mobile friendly website which is supported by the browsers of all mobiles in trend.

In most cases, a mobility friendly website has tools detecting which platforms are accessing them and then direct users accordingly.  If the website is accessed via PCs, the user will be able see the PC version while the same website browsed via mobile device or tablets will appear respectively. 

So how a website supporting mobile devices is created? Let’s discover it.

When the web and browsers were enabled in mobile devices, most of the company had to learn or to hire someone who knows everything about the mobile web development Make an Inquiry about this news and coding. With time many companies have been introducing tools which automatically create the mobile version of websites for their customers.

These tools mainly employ a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) which can easily create intuitive mobile sites in minutes.

Nowadays, you will easily be able to find a number of companies as well as tools that can help business establish their brands being mobile friendly. Many are designed specifically for certain types of industries.

But whatever tool and tactic you use to make a website customized / optimized or responsive, the end-result usually remains the same – the impressive and slick mobile website that adds to the customer experience.

Dynamic Software Providers

Once the mobile website has been set up, the next move for a business is to provide dynamic software supporting a smartphone and desktop. Indeed, if the brand is there to provide heavy duty services, like games then they will also need specialized software providers.

It’s why because more and more people are using their smartphones to play game every day.

But not all website do need such dedicated software and the software providers. Business engaged in e-commerce does not need such software as there are tools that direct users to smartphone-based stores.

So this isn’t simple at all. Developers behind the web have to work a lot when they design and develop a website for mobile device – more specifically they customize or optimize the website for mobile devices. Often time they feel difficulty in designing a mobile website that serves purposes equal to the desktop website.

They know about features that support desktop but not the mobile platform, and thus they create a mobile version so that nothing important is left out.

Now next time you visit a website on your mobile device, don’t forget how much works the developers have done behind it to delivery you the best possible user-experience.

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