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FlipHTML5 builds agriculture magazine templates for agribusiness

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FlipHTML5 builds agriculture magazine templates enabling farmers and agro product marketers to present engaging information about their farm products and show videos of their farm on the page of the magazine.

With the growing importance of the agriculture industry and agro based product industries, FlipHTML5 decides to provide farmers and agro product marketers with a new armor to help market their products. The company has now introduced agriculture magazine templates(…ine-templates.php)that can specifically meet the digital content production needs of the farm owners and agricultural product marketers.

These templates come with several astounding design choices and are easy to use to help create a digital publication in a few minutes.

According to Anna Lee, Designer of FlipHTML5, “We cater to different industries with the industry-specific templates that quickly appeal to the players of the same industries.Now, with these new templates, one can more prolifically promote their agro based products to quickly reach buyers and do the business.We have a number of templates for the agriculture industry and one can choose the best template to promote their agricultural produce in the digital world.”

FlipHTML5 is an industry-leading digital publishing solution and their industry-specific templates are more effective to generate results.With user-friendly features, one can easily use this digital publication tool to create stunning magazines, and can distribute the content through different online channels.Now, farm owners can also use the same free tool and they don’t need to have any technical knowledge to create an agricultural magazine.They can simply choose one of the farming magazine templates (…ine-templates.php)and can start creating eye-catching digital content.

Anna also discusses the advanced features of the FlipHTML5 digital publishing tool and maintains that one can automatically create the digital content that is SEO friendly and is easy to share on the Social Media. “Today, everyone is active on the social media, and even a farmer knows how to post content on the social media sites.

Thus, a farmer or farm owner can use the template to create an agricultural magazine and can upload it on the social networks to increase their online visibility.” she states.  

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