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AR: Experimenting with Vuforia Object Recognition on Android

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Nowadays Augmented Reality (AR) is getting more and more popular in mobile world. A lot of new AR applications are published every day. The reasons for that are quite obvious: the most information (about 90%) a person receives with the help of vision. By augmenting the real world with digital data, we enhance user’s visual perception, which means we let users interact with information layered over the real world. This new approach transforms the way users see and use the mobile applications. The main domain areas, where it can be applied, are advertising, entertainment, game industry, education, interior design, etc.

There are different types of AR, each one better fits different use cases. There are several SDKs, which provide various features for developers: Wikitude, Vuforia, OpenCV, ARCore, etc. This article is about recognition-based AR and the experience we got while working with Vuforia SDK.


Vuforia is a software platform for creating AR applications. It has a wide range of features and its recognition capabilities include objects, images, cylinders, text, boxes and more.