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How airlines can benefit from big data

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Data is the new oil. People keep saying it for the last couple of years. But what does it really mean? Same as oil, data itself is useless without its processing. Airlines are swamped with data. One could say that it’s not a data lake anymore, but a data ocean. Now the matter depends on its processing in the most efficient way, extracting the pearls from the oyster shells.

A modern aircraft produces gigabytes of data every day: operational parameters, technical indicators, logs and reports.

“By 2026, annual data generation should reach 98 billion gigabytes, or 98 million terabytes, according to a 2016 estimate by Oliver Wyman. The newest generation aircraft by then will be spewing out between five and eight terabytes per flight, up to 80 times what older planes today generate”.

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What is the point of having such a volume of information without analyzing it? Why not implement Big Data analytics, which would allow knowing the condition of every aircraft in your fleet at any given time? To be aware of each and every thing going on with your aircraft is not just amazing.