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PubHTML5 digital publishing platform makes available for all Windows and Mac users

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PubHTML5 is on a mission to offer Windows and Mac users the digital publishing platform where they can create and publish their own digital publications in the way they like.

PubHTML5, a leading platform solution for all writers, marketers, businesses and other users for publishing their digital content, has recently announced their digital publishing platform for Windows and Mac Users. Jason Chan, Chief Technology Officer of PubHTML5 made the announcement.

The announcement has come at the time when the company is making continuous efforts in order to better their services and making itself easily available for a wide variety of their already established user base.

“In recent times, PubHTML5 has changed the way digital publishing was being done so far, by converting the plain and monotonous digital documents into engaging and rich media experiences”, the company representatives said.

“With our digital publishing platform, our users have been able to create highly engaging and interactive publications, with ease and in no time what so ever.”

Explaining about the things that has made PubHTML5 a first choice digital publishing platform, they said, “PubHTML5’s features convert digital reading into a real life reading experience on any device. Its large number of pre-defined designs allow users to give their publications the look that best suits and defines their businesses or services.

With its ability to allow users to add music, videos, pictures, animations and sound effects to their publications, the results have been highly engaging and has assisted them in increasing the extent of attention that they could have ever grabbed.”

Jason Chan, the CTO of PubHTML5, has already mentioned about the cloud platform, on which PubHTML5 works, that provides secure, reliable and high performance user experience and a global reach. Moreover, PubHTML5 has made sure to make this digital publishing platform available for all users so that they can use it to create and to use the publications on any kind of device, whether it be a desktop, laptop or any mobile device.

“We have had a single motto behind creating and presenting this digital publishing platform to all our users, and that is to provide the highest level of services and satisfaction to our users who have entrusted us”, he said.

Now with this digital publishing platform from PubHTML5 made available for all Windows and Mac users and the addition of its powerful features, it has made sure that it keeps its promises of improving the product and user experience.  For more information, please check out PubHTML5’s website.

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