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PubHTML5, the best flipbook software for e-brochure, e-magazine, e-book or e-catalog

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PubHTML5 is the best flipbook software that can be used for making a professional-looking e-brochure, e-magazine, e-book or e-catalog.

PubHTML5 is a remarkable flipbook software( by a digital publishing software company with the same name. This software lets the users convert practically any types of printed material and PDF into an attractive and realistic page flipping animation media.

It can be used to make various online publications such as e-brochure, e-magazine, e-book or e-catalog.

PubHTML5 can be used by simply everyone because it doesn’t require any technical or programming knowledge.The content is created in HTML5 so it is certainly readable.The publication made with PubHTML5 can be read with various devices from PC to mobile.This software promises 100% client engagement which means it is an excellent way to reach to new customers.

Controlling the whole production process will be very easy. Firstly, it is because the software is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Secondly, the users can insert myriad contents like music, videos, website or social media link that can support their promotion effort.

Most importantly, PubHTML5 is a SEO powered software. The content written on the publication made with this software is searchable via search engine.

It means it can go hand in hand with the user’s SEO practice and targeted customers can easily find the interesting publications. It is also supported by Google Analytics.

After uploading the publication online, users can track the number of visitors as well as the number of views on each page of the publication.

“We are eager to provide a cost effective marketing strategy for businesses who have decided to go digital with their catalogs, magazines or brochures. This flipbook software allows everyone to create attractive digital contents that can be easily found online by their targeted customers since it is SEO friendly,” said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5.

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