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Movense is launching its first 360-product photography software on this new year

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Movense is a 360 degree product photography solution that work on your phone, tablet, or DSLR camera. It allows E-commerce and product selling websites to capture and show 360 products spins online.

This New Year beginning brings a proud moment for one of the youngest media tech ventures from India, Movense.  The company is ready to launch its first 360 product viewer software to expand its business impact in the photography domain.

This 360 product photography software Make an Inquiry about this news by Movense is specifically designed for e-commerce and online product selling stores. It offers an opportunity to the product selling websites to easily capture their product’s snaps from different angles (360 degree view) by using the rotating product photography technique.

Movense claims that its software can help a company create 360 product spins within seconds. Making the 360 degree technology easier to adopt.

It’s really a big event for the entire Movense team since the company has invested years in modifying software attributes according to the user’s requirements. Movense software even allows capturing and sharing of 3d effect selfies and moving panoramas to show your travel journeys in an engaging fashion to consumers.

Movense’s products, whether its Publisher App or Publisher API, comes along an analytics dashboard so that e-commerce portals can analyze their performance engagement in one go and optimise the flow to increase customer retention and engagement. It’s the only 360 photography turntable that allows e-commerce portals to get real-time analytics of buyer’s interaction with the offered product. 

Movense’s Publisher API offers a creative framework for e-commerce websites to capture and share product’s dynamics photos in front of the buyers directly through the e-commerce app. On the other hand, Movense’s Publisher App allows users to have an awesome 3D product rotating view on the website.

The biggest advantage here being that you don’t need to worry about data storage and transfer as Movense offers cloud storage of 360 spins or dynamic photos along with the software package. Now the point is when there’s an availability of many other 360 degree product photography software in the market, then what makes the Movense’s solution best.

Few things that differentiate Movense business software from existing competition are:

  1. State of the art 360 capturing solution through a smartphone
    1. Making the whole process easier
    2. Fastest in its vertical
  2. Easiest integration
    1. Embed 360 spins on the fly with Movense software
  3. Smooth interaction for consumers
    1. A simple mouse movement on the 360 spin results in a viewing of product from different angles
  4. Data analytics
    1. Data is gold mine and we give you all the checkpoints that a user passes through while viewing a 360 spin.

This attribute includes 360 spins for latest gadgets, trendy fashion, fine jewellery, and swift automobiles as well.

Apart from above all, the company also gives users a chance to take a free tour of this outstanding 360 degree photography software to assure them they are investing in the right direction. The company also assigns a separate team of trained customer support executives to help users to clear their doubts, whether it’s related to the Movense Publisher App or API, and all other aspects that users are concerned about.

These attempts permit users especially the product’s selling websites to rely on Movense to increase their product’s sale by displaying 3D rotating products’ view.

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