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FlipHTML5 Page Flip PDF Has All a Business Requires

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FlipHTML5 has all the features that a business requires for making an engaging flipbook from dull PDF documents.

Mr. Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5 will give out the down of all Businesses in the world. With the introduction of Page Flip PDF from FlipHTML5, all the involved parties will gain a lot from this wonderful technology.  This software is made with most amazing features that are meant to benefit its users.

The Page Flip PDF gives the users the power to create and add their own customized home pages that are integrated with easy to learn digital publications.The homepage is automated but it can be customized to fit the needs of every business.

Users can decide to do anything valuable with the software like monetizing it for financial uses. FlipHTML5 allows users to sell their publications on the platform and the profit is sent to them using PayPal. The good thing is that no charges are incurred on all the transactions carried out on the platform. Everything is usually free of change.

An interactive feature within the software gives it the power to allow users to upload PDF files, images and documents to the Cloud platform owned by FlipHTML5. All these files can be merged to make a single flipbook which is enhanced by the use of the downloadable FlipHTML5 desktop client.

The good thing about Page Flip PDF, it makes flipbooks that are easily readable using all mobile devices that exist in the world. It allows users to read the entire document using a web browser on iPhones, iPads, and tablets not forgetting Android phones.

FlipHTML5 uses Amazon S3 service to store data and all publications. The provided services ensure that all types of failures are prevented from happening to make the information available at all times.  Page Flip PDF is very secure due to this feature.

With a Pro security feature, Page Flip PDF comes with a full digital protection that only allows one user to access the created publications. The users are allowed to create and give permissions that allow in viewers who can view the publications using specific user IDs.

The flipbooks created can be converted to different formats that are fit for any user. The software supports the conversion to ZIP file and it also allows one to send the converted file using an email.

Page Flip PDF is made in a way that gives its users power to change the language on the toolbar to any desired one that they want. That gives great convenience and wide application by many types of people worldwide from different races.

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