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FlipHTML5 Online eBook Creator Now Reaches Over Unique 22 Million Users

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FlipHTML5 provides everyone an easy and cost-effective way to create interactive eBooks from dull PDF files.

FlipHTML5 is proud to announce that it has reached more than 22 million users around the globe. This online eBook creator allows users to import their dull, boring PDF pages into eBooks that can be viewed on all types of devices, such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, to name a few.

What sets FlipHTML5 apart is its set of amazing features, especially the Animation Editor that lets users add images, audio, video, sound, slideshows and flash, among other things. These things bring eBooks to life making them much interesting for readers of all types.

And there are tons of free templates that make it easier for users to design their eBooks without spending ages to decide on a template that will look best. These templates allow users to make their eBooks more beautiful and professional.

More and more users are opting for FlipHTML5 for its user-friendliness, low cost and loads of other things. Once an eBook has been designed, FlipHTML5 allows users to save it in various formats, such as HTML, Zip, Exe, Plug-in and Android App. So, based on needs, users can save their eBooks in any format.

As far as cost goes, FlipHTML5 is one of the best online eBook creators. Keeping the needs and budgets of all types of users in mind, FlipHTML5 offers different subscription plans to suit each user’s needs.

Once an eBook is ready for publication, users can save them on the FlipHTML5 cloud storage, which is another great advantage of using this user-friendly eBook creator. The eBooks saved on the cloud server can be viewed later. Users don’t have to rely on their computer’s local storage to keep their books safe.

FlipHTML5 is an innovative and revolutionary company that offers amazing eBook design and creation software. The eBook created with this online creator share the look of traditional and digital books. And the eBooks includes buttons that allow easy sharing on social media platforms.

FlipHTML5 is determined to reach more and more customers by offering a better solution for those who are interested in designing their own eBooks in an easy, cost-effective and innovative manner.

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