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FlipHTML5 offers digital publishers the solution to convert all types of printed material into an exceptional digital publication.

FlipHTML5, a world-leading provider of digital publishing software, today announced the release of its digital publishing software. This software enables digital publishers to easily design, build, distribute, and publish content on the internet. FlipHTML5 digital publishing software is for those publishers who want their catalogs, flipbooks, and reports to make a difference online. The software makes contents beautiful, insightful and easy to share.

“We are very pleased to provide our clients with a software program that offered a richer reading experience with several interactive systems which made newspapers, magazines, and journals more interesting. Digital publications also reduced additional costs like printing and distribution that the publication house would have to bear.,” said Winston Zhang, President & CEO of FlipHTML5. “Not to mention that being paperless means zero contribution to paper waste and consumption.”

Who should use FlipHTML5 digital publishing software?

Everyone is totally free to use FlipHTML5 digital publishing software. Individuals can use it to publish magazines, articles, photo albums, brochures and so on using FlipHTML5’s desktop version page editing tools. The traditional media businesses can use the software to publish their already printed works by converting them to digital format using the converter tool. They can also add interactivity, such as links, sounds, videos, and animation.

The Benefits of FlipHTML5 Digital Publishing Software

Better scope for advertising - Advertisements on the traditional prints don't properly connect with the readers as the content is non-interactive. However, with digital print, these advertisements could be enriched with interactive photos, live web links, as well as videos and animation, which would engage the reader making the advertising campaign a success. This helps to attract more sponsorship than the regular print editions.

Global distribution - Digital publications have the potential to simultaneously get to subscribers located anywhere in the world thereby reducing the difficulties of postage and delivery.

Customer data at marketers’ disposal - With digital distribution, it would be easier for digital marketers to get their valuable insight and feedback like the readers likes and dislikes. With this information, they can come up with better marketing campaigns with appropriate offers. They can also analyze the reading patterns of their audience and enhance the reader's reading experience with suggestions.

New Audience - With a more interactive digital content and global audience, it would be easier for a publication house to target a younger audience. This would generate better revenues as publishers not just benefiting from their previous audience but also from their new audience.

Build Brand as a Digital Publisher - With FlipHTML5 digital publishing software, publishers can create their own brand and make the general public aware of it which would make the publication more recognized among competitors.

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