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Chetu Inc. receives best bespoke software development firm recognition

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Chetu, a world-class software solutions provider, is elated to announce that US Business News has elected Chetu as the 2018 Best Bespoke Software Development Firm in Florida. This award is a facet of the US Business News North American Excellence Awards, a yearly opportunity for enterprises to compete across the nation for recognition of business excellence, as designed by a series of measures.

Chetu Elected as 2018 Best Bespoke Software Development Firm in Florida

To locate the most prestigious enterprises among their counterparts, US Business News uses a series of benchmarks, a combination of extensive in-house research on the pool of nominees and a voting round that encourages a network of thought leaders to weigh in. The research portion aims to illustrate each company's contributions over the previous year-rating level of innovation and societal impact.