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Animiz launches a video presentation software with a simple and clean interface

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Animiz launches an easy-to-use video presentation software to help everyone create a wonderful video for free.

Animiz, a world leading software development company, launches a new video presentation software dedicated to non-designers. It comes with simple and clean interface, which allows everybody to create presentation videos, product demonstrations and even GIFs without any technical or programming skills needed.

Even though Animiz, the name of the software, is dedicated for non-professionals, it is able to produce videos with professional quality. The software simply comes with a more user friendly interface and features to bring the art of video making closer to the public.

“Video is an excellent medium to convey messages and it can serve plenty of purposes from marketing, education to entertainment. Here in Animiz, we want to make sure that the public can have access to a reliable video presentation software that can be easily used regardless of their skill.

This way, more people can feel the benefits of knowledge sharing with video as the medium,” said Jason Chan, manager of Animiz.

One of the best features Animiz offers is its simple drag and drop interface. Once the users have opened the scene to create the videos, various video assets like shapes, texts, images, sounds, charts and even flashes can be dragged and dropped into the scene to personalize the video.

Furthermore, those video assets are also available for free.

Users can also add captions and voiceovers to create interactive videos and even some animation effects. Once the videos are ready, Animiz also offers three output options.

The users can conveniently publish their videos as online or offline video in six different video formats or save them as GIF.

Studies have shown that people are more receptive towards a message when it is conveyed via the visual medium like videos because it is more attractive, hence more memorable. Unfortunately, video presentation software is notorious to be very difficult to use that only video designers can use it.

Animiz is here to change that perspective and make video presentation software more accessible so that it can be used in various environments, from business meeting to a classroom. Not only easy to use, Animiz also protects its users by making sure the software is protected from fraud and malware.

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