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PubHTML5 Offers a Secure Digital Publishing Platform for Publishers

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PubHTML5 can help publishers easily and quickly create and distribute publications, and protect their content from unwanted viewing, downloading and sharing.

Every publisher knows the importance that security plays in their projects, whether it’s an online magazine or a best-selling eBook. Anna Lee, chief designer at PubHTML5 announced that the company’s digital publishing platform ( provides an unlimited number of private and protected publications for online and offline usage.

“PubHTML5 is a comprehensive all-in-one digital publishing platform for creating and distributing any type of publication, from catalogs and flyers to eBooks, magazines and brochures,” said Lee.

Hacking and the theft of intellectual content around the world are at an all-time high.It’s a very real problem that can cost publishers millions of dollars.PubHTML5 utilizes a premiere cloud platform that provides an advanced level of privacy and security for an unlimited number of publications ranging from flip books to custom magazines.

PubHTML5 has more than 30 features and 150 customizable options for creating interactive publications that can be viewed by a wide variety of mobile devices and readers don’t have to download expensive software to view their favorite content. A favorite of more than 2 million publishers worldwide, PubHTML5 enables even novices to create professional publications.

The company’s  digital publishing platform supports embedded audio and video, popups, animations and links to shoppable goods. Individuals can create their own projects from scratch or utilize any of the included templates. PubHTML5 supports multiple languages, formats and SEO is built-in.

With the touch of a button, individuals can insert bookmarks, change backgrounds, and customize every element, from colors and fonts to styles. PubHTML5 is equally applicable for businesses, non-profit organizations, schools and individuals to create compelling content that can assist in reaching targeted demographics.

A suite of analytics, administration and management tools enables publishers to track how their projects are performing, manage and monetize them online, and create customizable digital bookcases. Individuals don’t have to learn any code to use PubHTML5, allowing users to indulge their creativity. Publications can also be shared on social media networks to aid in branding and increasing visibility.

The built-in digital privacy, security and protections of PubHTML5 works 24/7 to aid in keeping publications safe from prying eyes, preserving content and protecting intellectual property, reserving it for distribution to individuals for which it’s intended. With its extensive array of features, PubHTML5 has earned a worldwide reputation for ease of use to create stunning publications.

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