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Animiz, free animation creator software for amateurs and professionals

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Animiz comes packed with an intuitive user interface and rich features, enabling both amateurs and professionals to produce animations in a jiffy.

Animiz is free animation creator software for various purposes including business, course, event, and for fun only. This software helps to create professional animation without learning complicated skills such as coding, design, and many more.

This free animation creator software is designed with several features including free video assets, caption and voiceover, multi track timeline, and animation effects. The purpose of those features is to give friendly and easy to use animation software for all users including first time users.

It is not only about easy to use features for fun making process but Animiz is also supported with the latest system so the result can be launched easily based on the needs. The software has various ready to use templates and all of them can be used for free.

Animiz is offering a new way to create professional animation by using 4 simple steps only.

The new project starts with a blank space. Then, there are great images, texts, videos, sounds, and any kind of objects to customize the project.

The users are able to edit the objects by giving it animation effects. There are also several options to create great effects for the project.

When the project is done, it can be published automatically to the cloud, offline, or save it as gifs. The animation can be launched anytime and anywhere based on function.

Animiz wants to show that anyone can create animation like a professional in 20 minutes only. The software has been downloaded by over 360,000 users since firstly launched.

Jerry Fong, designer of Animiz said, he wants to create a fun, free, fast, and secure animation video presentation software for all users who need it. Animiz is good software for teachers who want to make an attractive and clear presentation for students faster.

Engineers are also suitable to use this software specially to create a formal and professional presentation in the form of animation video.

Business owners or managers are able to promote their products and services attractively and grab customer’s attention through video animation. Even, directors use Animiz to share projects to their clients.

As free animation creator software, Animiz is not only trying to offer easy to use software but also the way people create presentation from an ordinary and bored presentation into unique and attractive one. Users just need to go to to download this free animation creator software and follow the instruction to create animation videos for presentation.

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