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MLM Vibes explains the Matrix Plan Compensations

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MLM Vibes is a competitive MLM software development company that provides MLM software for different MLM plans. Along with the software it also provides consultancy and services right from starting your MLM business to promoting and advertising it. Here is how the Matrix plan compensation works.

Matrix Compensation Plan Make an Inquiry about this news is alike to a pyramid where the members are set in a particular manner. It is one of the most significant unilevel plans which have its own peculiar features. This distinctive featured plan has a limited width and length, so understanding the features helps in using it suitably.

The Matrix Plan has following compensations

1. Sponsor Bonus

Sponsor bonus is the amount earned by adding the down-line members on the front line.

The commonly used Matrix MLM Plan includes 4*7, 5*7, 3*9, 2*12 of width and depth.

2. Level Commissions

Level Commission is the earned bonus earned when new distributor recruitments are done. Level commissions can be earned when the senior members hire new members and get a commission from their sale. This can be extended to the nth level.

3. Matrix Plan Level Commission

A Matching Bonus is the received commission on the income of downline distributors whom they have supported. For instance, if there's a 15% matching reward, and distributor X supports distributor Y; When distributor Y procures deals or some other commission or reward, the supporting distributor X – would gain a 15% match of the downline distributor Y.

4. Position bonus

Position Bonus is like the cherry on the cake. It is an opportunity to earn additional income. A member will be eligible for the position bonus when the down-line team members recruit new members and they join within their matrix.

5. Forced Matrix Plan Bonus

The members will be eligible for this bonus when their matrix will be filled with the down-line members. For example, if the Matrix Plan is a 3*3 matrix, the members will have 3 members on the first down-line, 9 members in the second down-line and 27 in the third down-line. After the matrix is full the bonus will be distributed.

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