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Learn How to Create an HTML5 PDF Flipbook with FlipHTML5

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Now users can use FlipHTML5 to convert PDFs into flipbooks to attract the attention of clients.

The use of the never-ending technology has changed the way things are done. With FlipHTML5, the work of making flipbooks is now very easy. Any kind of files like PDFs and images can be changed into custom flipbooks that may be used for any function like a business application.

“In most cases, we use PDF and image documents in our business adverts.We cannot deny that PDF files are always very wrong and boring.That is why you should employ flipbooks to make work easier,” said Winston Zhang, the CEO of FlipHTML5. 

FlipHTML5 applies professional ways to convert all the long and dull PDF documents into flipbooks that are not such boring. That means FlipHTML5 is here to help those who need to make work easy. With it, templates and background music can be added to the made flipbook. That way, life will be entertaining. 

How to create an HTML5 PDF flipbook with FlipHTML5? Below are simple steps of making a flipbook from a PDF file.

FlipHTML5 can be installed directly on the users’ computer.  Once it is in place, the software is launched. To convert a PDF file into a flipbook, import PDF file by just clicking on import icon. Some settings will appear which will allow users to add the number of pages that will be converted.  After that, click on OK to complete the importing process.

After pages are imported, design and customization on the flipbook are done to enhance the appearance and structure of the flipbook. With the click of a button, there are many templates that can be used to enhance the appearance of the made flipbook. The good thing is that background music can be added to the flipbook to make it enjoyable.  Once all the changes are made, users are allowed to add a password to protect the flipbook. Covers and other flipbook designs can be added before publishing.  The last step is publishing.

For those who want to make a flipbook, please check out FlipHTML5 blog.

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