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FlipHTML5 Recognized as the Most Trusted Mobile eBook Software of the Year

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FlipHTML5 has been recognized by an elite eBook publishing organization as the most trusted mobile eBook software. It lets users easily and quickly create their own mobile eBooks.

An elite eBook publishing organization announced that FlipHTML5 has been tagged as the most trusted mobile eBook software of the year. The decision was based on the number of downloads of the software, the user reviews and a survey that measures users’ loyalty to use FlipHTML5 over other mobile eBook software.

According to the organization’s chairman, most eBook-producing companies are looking for both aesthetics and efficiency when choosing a mobile eBook software. They said that FlipHTML5 meets those criteria and it also offers a wide range of mobile eBook software features, all working to the advantage of the users.This includes bookcase creation, fast social media sharing, subscription offers and the analytics behind every published eBook.

Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5, gave out an odd reaction about the news. He stated during a press conference that such record is putting up so much pressure on the company. But later, he justified the statement, saying, “In a good way, the team behind FlipHTML5 felt some pressure in keeping up with the ever-changing demands by the users of this mobile eBook software. Receiving the title as the ‘most trusted mobile eBook software’ will surely drive more users to download FlipHTML5. Surely, from among them, criticisms will also arise. But those reviews and comments will be the reference for future innovations on the mobile eBook software.”

People, who are interested in experiencing how FlipHTML5 works and the benefits that it offers to its users, can download the software at the FlipHTML5 website. New users need not panic on how to use FlipHTML5 because this mobile eBook software is integrated with helpful demos and tutorials. In fact, video tutorials, which are accessible through, show that no professional skills are required to come up with a fantastic eBook through FlipHTML5.

From importing files to FlipHTML5, adding aesthetic effects for a more interactive eBook and down to the publishing process, this mobile eBook software has the entire eBook-publishing process all too easy to accomplish. There is no doubt why it is this year’s leading mobile eBook software. Those who want to create an eBook can go to FlipHTML5’s learning center to check out 5 of the best PDF to eBook converters.

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