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Digital Catalog Software from FlipBuilder Enables Users to Create Shopping Catalogs

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With the digital catalog software from FlipBuilder, users now can create digital catalogs to sell their products or services online.

Presenting the powerful e-commerce service bundled with its digital catalog software Flip PDF, FlipBuilder has taken one step ahead of other digital catalog software in the market. Realizing the need for quick access to the basic elements of e-commerce business like prices, buy now buttons and other important information and options, FlipBuilder has enriched this digital catalog software with features allowing users to do all of these.

As reported, the digital catalog software from FlipBuilder offers specialized e-commerce service to its users and enables them to create impressive product or service catalogs and adding interactive features to it. “We have tried to make sure the e-commerce users get complete benefit not just in terms of the attractiveness of the catalogs made using our digital catalog software, but also in terms of interactivity it provides to the visitors, thereby increasing the chance of converting a visitor into a customer”, the company officials said.

As told, the digital catalog software allows users to insert e-commerce elements to their catalogs. This means that users can add elements like “buy now” button to their catalog and bring the product at a click’s distance from potential buyers.

In addition to this, the digital catalog software allows inserting prices, PayPal information as well as shopping carts to the product catalog. This not only makes it easier for the people to get complete information through the catalog, but also the process from visiting a catalog to actually buying a product gets shortened and thus chances of conversion increases significantly.  

“Our effort has always been towards easing the processes for our users while making our products more powerful and impressive. With specialized services for the e-commerce, we have tried to assist our business users in every possible manner. With this service, the users can now make an interactive catalog that visitors will buy their products without leaving the page”, the company officials said.

Flip PDF is available for all and can be tried for free through . Everyone can make a digital catalog with this powerful digital catalog software.

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