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FlipBuilder Takes Pride with its Free Magazine Maker, Flip PDF Professional

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FlipBuilder offers users a free magazine maker, Flip PDF Professional, helping them create digital magazines with animation and sound effects.

FlipBuilder has once again proven that its Flip PDF Professional product is more than just an average free magazine maker. Both the critics and patrons of Flip PDF Professional all came up with a unanimous judgment about the product, saying that this free magazine maker is undoubtedly the most efficient of its kind in the market.

FlipBuilder has offered this product as free downloadable software that can publish unlimited magazines that are engaging to read. With its capacity to convert PDF files into dynamic digital magazines and most importantly, accessible through both desktop and mobile devices, many users could attest that Flip PDF Professional is indeed cost-effective.

Flip PDF Professional allows the conversion of simple PDF files into amazing digital magazines with animation and sound effects. Added to this, magazines can become more engaging through Flip PDF Professional’s capacity to embed media in the magazine. This includes images, videos, music and even links.

Another thing that many Flip PDF Professional users loved about the product is its high level of accessibility and reach. Readers can immediately view and thoroughly read every published magazine through the cloud publishing service that users could use in lieu of file transfer protocol methods. This expedites the entire process of putting the magazines live online.

Now here’s the most interesting part. Users may also extract loads of information about the readers’ preferences and responses toward the published magazines. As a result, these data will become the basis for the creation of more appealing magazines to be published in the future.

Being the CEO of FlipBuilder, Winston Zhang used his influence to encourage the developers of Flip PDF Professional to build such remarkable software. Zhang expressed his gratitude to the avid users of FlipBuilder products, stating that, “The end users of our product are the ultimate inspiration behind the software that FlipBuilder has to offer to the public. It is from these creative individuals where the business draws its motivation to enhance its free magazine maker features. So now, FlipBuilder has offered them limitless possibilities to publish magazines of their desired design, format, layout and content.”

Zhang sent out this optimistic vision to FlipBuilder users while giving them the assurance about the great features that Flip PDF Professional has in store for them. FlipBuilder is committed to becoming the catalyst for change in the evolution of the publishing industry by playing a proactive role as a digital publishing solutions provider.

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