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PubHTML5 Now Is Available for Converting PDF to Flipbook

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PubHTML5 is a program that enables users to convert ordinary PDF files to interactive flipbooks.

The creator of PubHTML5 has successfully offered one of the most innovative solutions for today’s online business world. PubHTML5 is the software that is capable of turning images or PDF to flipbook. The flipbook has advantages, the performance and appearance wise. This is what today’s business needs in order to attract more customers.

“When pulling a band of consumers towards a product or a service is a challenge to businesses. Our company created PubHTML5 to assist its clients in converting PDF to flipbook that can effectively exhibit their products in the most attractive manner,” said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5.

The usage of a PDF file makes the conversion preparation become much easier. Users can easily import a PDF to PubHTML5 and add many styles and content to it. After that, they just need to follow the next step to publish the flipbook on the PubHTML5 Cloud server or directly save it on their own servers.

PubHTML5 has many features. Some of them are very useful for business purposes. For example, the Administration and Management feature helps users manage the digital flipbook easier. There is also social media sharing feature, which is important for business marketing using this platform. The text version is another good feature that can be used to improve the SEO of the website. It’s useful to get a better rank on a search engine for improving the chance to get a customer.

However, some of the features can only be accessed by users that have purchased the premium version. There are four premium versions that can be purchased, which are Pro, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise. The free version allows users to access some features. However, the produced flipbook will have a PubHTML5 watermark.

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