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PubHTML5 Flipbook Software Makes Flipbook Production Easier

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PubHTML5 flipbook software comes with a straightforward user interface that enables users to create flipbooks for a wide range of uses.

PubHTML5 offers the simplest way to create online flipbooks. This is a digital publishing method that can be used on the HTML5 platform. The benefit of using this platform is its top performance. It’s fast and it offers much freedom for its users to create the design that they want. PubHTML5 is the flipbook software that can optimally use the advantages of HTML5 for a digital publishing purpose.

“Our company created and designed PubHTML5 with the advocacy to draw out the creativity from each of its users. This flipbook software is one-of-a-kind because it makes flipbook publishing and sharing easier, both for professionals and rookies,” said Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5.

Just like what Anna Lee said, PubHTML5 makes the process of making an HTML5-based flipbook much easier. This software has the ability to turn the PDF or images into a digital flipbook. The result will be able to upload on the website or any HTML5 platform. Thus, users can create more interesting displays on their websites. Compared to the conventional method, this software produces a much better marketing effect.

The simplicity concept seems also to apply to the process of creating a flipbook using this software. The first step is uploading the PDF file or images to the PubHTML5 website. Then, the user can modify, adjust or add the new design on the uploaded file.

The last step is publishing it directly to PubHTML5 Cloud or using the web server on the user’s computer. The user also can add videos, audio, or other multimedia files. However, it requires PubHTML5 Desktop Client, which can be downloaded from the official website.

PubHTML5 also has many features. There are more than 150 flipbooks designs that can be customized. It also can create text-only content which is effective for improving the SEO value. The software also allows the user to share the flipbooks on many social media platforms.

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