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FlipHTML5 users are amazed by the Page Flip PDF Maker's paid plans

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It has been set on record this year that many of the free users of FlipHTML5 have upgraded to the paid plans of this page flip PDF maker.

The maker of FlipHTML5 recently has made an announcement about the company’s milestone for the year. This pertains to the significant increase in the number of downloads and upgrades to paid plans that they recorded compared to last year. FlipHTML5, as a page flip PDF maker, is indeed the most in-demand publishing software today. With this, the designer of FlipHTML5, Anna Lee, presented to the public the advantages that FlipHTML5 users will get if they choose to upgrade their page flip PDF maker plans.

Anna Lee, said, “This page flip PDF maker is built to satisfy the users in the digital publishing industry. The company carefully designed the paid plans of FlipHTML5 so as to meet the various needs and capacity to pay of every publisher. Whether they will decide to use the free version or upgrade to the paid plans, they can still get the advantage of using FlipHTML5 in many ways.”

FlipHTML5 is popular as a free page flip PDF maker but it also has four paid plans, all worth cheaper than any other publishing tools. These are the Pro, Gold, Platinum and Enterprise plans. With the paid plans, users will have unlimited uploads, publication selling opportunity, ads-free publishing, multiple bookcases and a lot more benefits that FlipHTML5 users will enjoy without hurting their operational expenses.

These features are fit for businesses which aim to strengthen their social media marketing campaign while cost-cutting on their budget at the same time. The higher the plan, the more features will be accessed by the users. The Pro version is commonly availed by small-scale businesses while the Platinum and Enterprise versions are purchased by companies with bigger market online. More details about the pricing and features of these plans can be viewed at

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