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Everyone can create a professional-quality HTML5 Flipbook with PubHTML5

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PubHTML5 features a user-friendly interface that enables everyone to create a professional-quality HTML5 flipbook quickly and efficiently.

Flipbook makers are changing the way people create and distribute intellectual property and PubHTML5 is on the forefront of the publishing revolution with all the features needed to publish high quality professional digital publications.

“More than 60,000 companies trust us and use our software to create HTML5 flipbooks to engage their customers,” said Jason Chen, chief technology officer of PubHTML5.

PubHTML5 contains all the needed tools, editors, and distribution abilities needed for authors, e-commerce merchants and marketing agencies. It offers a variety of benefits and advantages over other types of publishing options.

Just as social media has allowed entrepreneurs and startups to grow their business independently, PubHTML5 enables even novice publishers to create content ranging from pamphlets and brochures to magazines, catalogs and novels. The publications help reach target audiences, build brands, and showcase the author or business.

PubHTML5 is cost-effective and provides multiple types of editors. Each flipbook can be customized in more than 150 ways and is responsive across Android and iOS mobile devices. No additional apps or software are needed for viewing and it enables users to include hyperlinks, videos, music and other convenient features for audiences.

PubHTML5 provides cloud-based security to maintain privacy and protect content from intellectual property theft. Built-in SEO is included, along with Google AdSense integration and advanced Google Analytics to monitor the performance of any number of publications. Projects can be uploaded online or saved to a CD/DVD, USB drive or ZIP file.

Flipbooks provide many advantages over printed materials, including the ability to communicate with audiences across multiple platforms to attract more traffic to websites. Digital publications are cost-effective and can be utilized over and over for increased revenue and improved return on investment.

PubHTML5 provides individuals with the ability to create professional publications that are interactive, responsive to all devices, and features multi-media integration. Individuals must utilize every means at their disposal to create engaging content that reaches today’s audiences. PubHTML5 provides a myriad of tools to accomplish that goal.

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