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PubHTML5 Flip Book Maker Works Great in the Publishing Industry

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PubHTML5 is one of the leading flip book makers in the market that enable users to create flip books from PDF files or images.

PubHTML5 flip book maker will feel like a magic wand for publishing with over 150 customizable features and the ability to create professional-looking publications for distribution.

“Just import your PDF file and add your text, images and videos in the page editor and you will have a digital publication you can share with anyone,” said Anna Lee, chief designer of PubHTML5.

PubHTML5 flip book maker places the power of publishing in the hands of the individual, without the need to hire an agent. The digital publishing options offered by the flip book maker offer an ideal solution for entrepreneurs and startups to build their brands and reach target audiences. The advanced features make it equally beneficial for established publishers.

The flip book maker creates high quality publications of all types from PDFs and images. Anyone can create their own graphic novels, product catalogs, brochures and magazines. PubHTML5 includes a wide range of templates, an animation editor and a page editor. The flip book maker features integration with Google AdSense and the ability to monitor publications with Google Analytics.

Publishers can add videos and slideshows, create custom bookcases, and each publication allows for private and protected content. PubHTML5 flip book maker is easy to use and the company provides online tutorials. Publications are compatible with PCs and any mobile platform that uses Win8, Android and iOS operating systems without the need to install any viewing apps.

The flip book maker includes a custom language interface, keyword searching and built-in SEO that enables publications to be found online. Publications can be shared on social media, via emails and newsletters, or published directly to websites. User-made publications can be saved to a USB drive, as a ZIP file, or on CDs and DVDs for alternative distribution channels.

PubHTML5 offers a free, no obligation downloadable version of its flip book maker to try. Three monthly options are available to accommodate various levels of usage or publishers can purchase a permanent version. Users will feel like they have a magic wand for creating, editing and publishing any type of desired publication.

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