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Creating Flipping Books directly online is now doable with PubHTML5

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Believe it or not, downloading a software installer is no longer necessary as PubHTML5 allows its users to create an interesting flipping book directly online.

Sharing interesting material or content online has now become easier with the emergence of various software and mobile apps. This time, PubHTML5, which is famous for making interactive flipping books, dominated the digital publishing industry with its extraordinary features.

The Chief Designer of PubHTML5, Anna Lee, made an announcement to the public, both for potential and regular PubHTML5 users, saying, “Many people thought that PubHTML5 only has a desktop version but they can actually enjoy a direct flipping book creation and publishing online.” Her announcement can be validated by visiting PubHTML5’s website, where users can directly upload a PDF file for conversion and make it become a highly interactive flipping book.

Through the “Quick Upload” button, users can directly browse or drag and drop their PDF document into the webpage. Users will also have the option of automatically creating a flipping book right after the PDF is uploaded. This way, they will be redirected to the “Embed” window where they can set the flipping page size and access the embed code that can be copied and pasted into the users’ preferred HTML file.

On the other hand, users may add further modifications to the flipping book by clicking the “General Settings” option. This will let them access more features of PubHTML5 such as the “Book Info” customization, wide selection of templates and interesting choices for flipping book themes. The “Advanced” option is definitely valuable in turning an ordinary PDF into an engaging flipping book.

This part allows users to further customize the flipping book by adding their personalized style, branding and even audio files as background music while readers will browse through the flipping book. In fact, users can also add relevant information about their company such as contact details, websites and a brief introduction about the business.

All these features and more will definitely let users make a vibrant flipping book that is worth sharing online through social media platforms and websites. Moreover, readers will also get to enjoy interesting browsing options such as adding bookmarks and annotations, listening to background music pre-set by the creator and even reading the flipping book in full-screen mode. Certainly, PubHTML5 has a lot to offer for both its users and readers.

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