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PubHTML5 offers Password Protection through PDF Flipbook for WordPress

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PubHTML5 enables users to set access permissions that will restrict exposure of any confidential information or strategies to the public or competitors.

Millions of websites use WordPress to enhance their digital marketing efforts. And one way to promote these websites is by creating stunning digital flipbooks that can be embedded in WordPress. PubHTML5 offers a professional PDF flipbook for WordPress that allows marketers to expand their horizons and enhance brand awareness. The software has tools that help to design impressive page turning projects that will offer viewers a delightful viewing experience. Using the PDF flipbook for WordPress from PubHTML5 makes it easy for users to save their creations as WordPress plugins for digital marketing.

“Our software comes with abundant resources that empower users to produce digital flipbooks enriched with fascinating content that can charm target viewers,” explained Jason Chen, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of PubHTML5. “Features such as SWFs, themes, templates and more can be utilized to create customized flipbooks in various output formats. The built-in animation editor is another tool that gives users the flexibility to manage their content on the Time Line and make their flipbooks lively.”

PubHTML5 allows users to embed clickable buttons to digital flipbook pages to make them more engaging. The clickable buttons are designed for readers to click and open links to the products they require. PubHTML5 will further show users how to define button actions such as open Audio/URL/Slideshow/Video and more. This will help to enhance traffic to their websites. Clickable buttons serve as guides that direct customers to the specific webpages or products they are searching for.

“Users can also utilize our technology to insert background sounds to their flipbooks,” continued Mr. Chen. “Audiences enjoy reading digital creations that have entertaining background audios. They get more attracted to the products because of the way they have been presented on the marketing platform. A little background music can influence their buying decisions after reading through robust content. Our software can change the perception of readers towards the products being marketed."

The PDF flipbook for WordPress provides password protection to digital flipbooks created. Users can set access permissions that will only allow authorized visitors to read their projects. Website owners, marketers, publishers and writers often desire to generate more traffic towards their flipbooks because of revenue generation. That is why they use PubHTML5 to create alluring digital flipbooks with evocative sliding effects and rich media. But sometimes there's a need to control excessive exposure of company information/strategies to the public or competition. PubHTML5 password protection helps users restrict information that can or cannot be shared openly after publishing to the cloud.

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