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PubHTML5 offers offline PDF Flipping Book Software for publishing via FTP

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Projects created by users can be published online via FTP and the links generated can help to embed the publications on any webpage.

PubHTML5 provides technology that caters to the marketing needs of enterprises and marketers. The offline PDF flipping book softwarefrom PubHTML5 offers tools and features that can be utilized to create spellbinding flipping books that will lure readers into becoming loyal customers. Users can convert multiple PDF files at a time into one digital flipping book with page turning effect within a short time. The page editor functionality helps to personalize the projects with multimedia content such as videos, movies sliders, hotspots and more to make them more persuasive to the audience.

Giving insights on the software, Anna Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said, “Our offline PDF flipping book software empowers users to design mobile-ready digital flipping books that can be accessed on devices including mobile phones, PC, tablets, and Mac. Users will be able to create HTML5 flipping books to allow mobile readers the best reading and browsing experience. The most interesting fact is that the audience can access the flipping books from mobile browsers without the need to install an app."

The offline PDF flipping book software can help to develop flipping books for offline sharing with friends and acquaintances. Readers can easily access projects without using the internet. The desktop version has flexible options that enable users to customize multimedia content and functional settings that will provide quick accessibility. The digital projects can be created in various output options such as ZIP, HTML, email, to FTP, save as plug-in and burn to CD. Projects can be published or embedded in the users' websites or blogs quickly for sharing. Alternatively, they can be emailed directly as ZIP files.

"Users can also publish their digital projects online easily via FTP," continued Anna Lee. "When HTML5 flipping books are uploaded online, links are randomly generated, and users can customize the link addresses by uploading them via FTP. The advantage they'll have is that they'll be able to customize the links to match their website address. By doing this, the digital flipping books can be embedded on any webpages."

PubHTML5 empowers users to publish their digital flipping books on its cloud hosting platform. Enterprises are always competing to build their brands and make them known to customers across the globe. They launch promotional campaigns using digital flipping books to reach out to their target consumers. And to make their products known and command broader markets, they have to design flipping books that are accessible online or through the cloud. PubHTML5 has proven to be the ultimate solution that helps businesses reach their prospects through their cloud-based distribution platform.

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