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PubHTML5 is brochure publishing software especially designed to help users create brochures in a simple way.

PubHTML5 is the paramount design and publishing software to facilitate marketers to publish brochures. The creators of PubHTML5 believe it is the most efficient and guaranteed brochure publishing software to create and publish a high-class media-rich brochure.

Today, in the world of digital technology, it is easy to reach the masses, but it is not effective. PubHTML5 is the most-trusted and reliable brochure publishing software to make the reach of business to the masses the easiest. PubHTML5 is the number 1 brochure publishing software to publish brochures. PubHTML5 changes the rules of digital publishing. It works and appears nice across both Windows and Mac computers.

Never before was it this straightforward to form obvious brochures. Simply import the PDF and input the text, pictures, and videos within the page editor and there is a digital brochure that one can simply share with everyone. As it is fully customizable, one can create some lovely pieces. One can create a completely DIY page flipping book with a range of pre-designed templates, and simply alter the templates with the custom brand, backgrounds, colors, buttons, navigation choices and more.

The works created by PubHTML5 can be read on any device. With this, one can create life-like digital brochures in HTML5 that work on nearly mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and Android tablets. Also, audiences can read them anyplace, anytime, online or offline. Furthermore, the cloud platform of PubHTML5 makes the brochures well-known across the globe.

With PubHTML5, anyone can create high-quality & exciting digital publications that may be delivered to virtually any device. No matter whether it’s an e-book, a magazine, or an e-mail newsletter, one can design anything with PubHTML5 on-the-go!

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