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PubHTML5’s Online PDF Brochure Maker incorporates simplicity and eliminates complexity

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PubHTML5, a household name in digital publishing, has released its online PDF brochure maker that’s both simple and affordable.

PubHTML5, a leading solution developer in the digital publishing industry, has released its online PDF brochure maker for public use. PubHTML5’s online PDF brochure maker can help users convert conventional PDF files into persuasive digital brochures for hosting and distribution across a broad spectrum of digital channels. Designing compelling content that augments an upcoming mobile application, an online retail store or a digital publication has never been this simple.

With the online PDF brochure maker, creation of a fully-interactive digital brochure has been rendered ridiculously simple. Digital brochures crafted using PubHTML5’s state-of-the-art online PDF brochure maker are a marvel in themselves. They retain the look and feel of their real-world counterparts, serving the target audience visually appealing content that grabs attention, encourages engagement and retains prospects.

Anna Lee, the Chief Designer at PubHTML5, explained, “As someone who deals with a diversified array of visual elements on a daily basis, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of skeuomorphism in a brand’s design language. The online PDF brochure maker by PubHTML5 empowers designers to create spell-bounding digital experiences. Interactive brochures crafted using PubHTML5 resemble the page flipping feature that is a characteristic of real-life physical brochures. Upon having undergone a familiar user experience, the visiting prospects feel at home, and the likelihood of their successful conversion skyrockets.”

The ability to integrate Google Analytics with PubHTML5 allows for extraction of actionable insights that can be used to optimize marketing efforts, ensure engagement and drive sales. With ample visitor-related data available to dive into, PubHTML5 makes deliberating upon a marketing strategy as easy as it gets.

When asked, the Chief Designer replied, “We strongly believe in empowering the users by letting them exercise full control over all major aspects of the visual design. This is accomplished by means of a very capable animation editor that is bundled with the online PDF brochure maker permitting the users to control transition effects and layout specifics. Our online PDF brochure maker has many useful features that can be tried for free. Subscribing to the premium version brings to the table a set of additional highly sought-after features. Our pricing is suitable for organizations both big and small and enables designers to get a bang for their buck.”

Learn more about the online PDF brochure maker by visiting the product page right here.

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